When your would be Groom is a Pilot

Marrying someone who is always in air is quite a difficult way to live your life as you will be worried all the time about your life partner’s well being. But it brings lots of responsibilities as well. You can find an ideal pilot on shadi.com as it’s a popular website that will provide you thousands of reputed pilots’ profile.

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Pilot is one of the most desirable jobs in this world. According to some survey this job is in top 5 jobs. Mostly girls get attracted towards pilots not because of their looks but due to their job and uniform. Suddenly, that person will become more attractive to you. Before you make any choice there are certain points, which you should know before getting married to a Pilot. You can get hold on the pilot’s profile through various matrimony sites like shadi.com.

Pilot’s salary is not much

If you think you will be very rich and famous than think twice before getting married to a pilot. Airlines make money but the salary of a pilot isn’t much. They squeeze their employees and pilot. According to some survey, an average salary of pilot is around 12, 00,000 INR per year, which is quite low as compare to other professionals.

Reserve Pilot

If your would-be better half is “on reserve” means sitting all day at airport waiting for another pilot call to attend flight on his behalf then they are usually called reserve pilots. That is just reserve pilots specialized for few flights only. These are not full time pilots. These pilots are paid less.

Pilot’s Schedule

Pilot’s Schedules are not fixed, it changes every month. Sometimes they are on duty for 23 days than gets off for 8 uninterrupted days. You can search a good pilot profile on shadi.com as there are many matrimonial sites that are becoming popular day by day.

Pilot’s Accommodation

In some destination airline do not provide accommodation to a pilot, they need to adjust in small apartment with other colleagues. These are known as crash pads.

Ground Experience Rules

In some airlines pilots with less on air experience but more experience with company are given priority. Your time with corporation count ups more.


Pilot job is not an easy job. If you are on international flight, than you need to work for 15 hours. If you are flying domestic flight you need to six to seven shuttle flights. Both are hectic things. In international you also need to cope up with time zone.

Colleagues and staff

Mainly flight staff and pilots have friendly relation, but corporation don’t want them to be too friendly, sometime colleagues can play blame game. All these are some ifs and buts of marrying a pilot. The life of pilot is not easy at all.


In some airlines pilots are not offered with the food. Although in some its payable and some airline always take care of their employees and feed them. When you are planning to get married to a pilot then you have to be mentally prepared.


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