Cultural Importance of Wedding Rituals In Maratha Weddings

People in Maharashtra are quite sweet. You will find that Maratha Weddings are truly the perfect picture of Maratha culture. The wedding is considered as sacred in Maratha Matrimonial and you will see that all the rituals are taken up properly without missing on anything. Maratha people are sweet and simple and you will see that the weddings too are no pomp. They celebrate all the ceremonies and rituals in an authentic way. But everything would be done in a simple way. This is a positive thing!


Here are some of the facts that you must know and also these would give you an idea about the cultural importance of these wedding rituals.

The cultural importance

Weddings among Maratha are simple but you will see that they would not miss out on any ritual. Seeman puja is one such thing you should know. In this, the bride’s parents call upon the groom’s family for a meal at their place and then before the meal is served, the feet of the family members and the groom are washed. This shows that how much respect these people have for one another. Guests are just compared to God.

The importance of these weddings does have some effect on Indian culture too. As we know that Indians are quite fond of pujas and also they believe that before any sacred event takes place there should be puja and offerings to God. Thus, before the wedding begins you will see Gauri Puja and Ganesha Puja. This will help in keeping all the problems away and the wedding ceremony would finish without any hassle.

Most of the Maratha people opt for arranged marriages. This is a good thing and helps to maintain the cultural relevance. It is true that in the modern world even the inter-caste marriages are permitted, there should be no issues whether the wedding is in Maratha Matrimony or it is an inter-caste wedding.

The Maratha food is something that also shows the rich culture of this community. You will see that the food would be served on banana leaf and that there would be many authentic items. You will find amazing delicacies with the rich natural flavors and ingredients. If you eat food at these weddings you will realize the importance of keeping authentic foods at the weddings. However, these days, people have changed and so have the mindsets and you will see that there would be some fusion foods too at the weddings. But nothing can beat the rich flavor of the authentic and traditional food that is served on the banana leaf.

Are the ceremonies too long

Yes, in Maratha weddings there would be many customs and rituals. These rituals are quite long and so you can say that wedding would take some time. In the rituals too, you will find that there would be elders giving blessings as soon as the rituals are over. This means that among Marathas there is a good amount of importance given to the elders and the parents. The wedding is a sacred thing and so it should take time and should be initiated with proper rituals and arrangements.


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