How To Get The Divyanka Tripathi Haldi Look

Before performing any matrimony rituals the important part is choosing a life partner, gives you the best options to choose your soulmate, and create your own memorable life history with your life partner, Haldi or turmeric, has a special place in Indian traditions. From our kitchens to medicines, haldi is an integral part of Indian households, with marriage being no exception.  When it comes to Indian weddings, the amazing ingredient has a whole ceremony based on its name. The Haldi ceremony is the one in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding. This ceremony is held at both the bride and the groom’s place, on the morning of the wedding day. It holds prime importance in a wedding as it is considered to keep the evil spirits at bay. Moreover, it adds to the glow and beauty of the couple.


Speaking of which, the recent haldi ceremony that all India has been talking about is the Haldi ceremony of the tinsel town beauty, Divyanka Tripathi. Her recent wedding to T.V. actor Vivek Dahiya has left the whole country gushing! Ever since Divyanka uploaded her haldi ceremony pictures on social media, every bride is dying to have that Divyanka Tripathi haldi look.

We have compiled for you some tips and ideas that we can take from Divyanka to make the haldi ceremony all the more special.

  • Colour The Town Yellow: Well as evident from the pictures, the colour combination of Divyanka’s haldi ceremony was very well co-ordinated. From the would-be bride to all the ladies of the house, everyone was dressed in yellow, the colour of haldi. This added a new vibrancy to the whole ceremony and provided beautiful photography moments.
  • Wear Something Fresh: As per tradition, the would-be bride wears old clothes on her haldi ceremony, keeping in mind that the clothes will end up getting soiled and be given away. Well, this is where Divyanka raised the bar. Not only did she wear a beautiful yellow lehenga, she looked ravishing in it. The elegant gold jewellery that she accessorised the dress with made her look all the more radiant.
  • Go Easy On The makeup: The main thing that Divyanka aced was the light makeup look. The natural beauty of the diva came oozing out as the result.
  • Be Natural In Front Of The Camera: The one thing we all can learn from the ceremony is to be as natural as possible when in front of the camera. The candid photographs that were taken during Divyanka’s haldi ceremony are testimony that no unnecessary posing is required to capture a lifetime event. This helps in capturing the emotions involved in a realistic way.
  • Enjoy With Your Loved Ones: Last but certainly not the least, enjoy the celebrations with your loved ones to the max. They all are there because they love you and want to make your day special in some way or the other. It is evident that Divyanka did just that and the true happiness reflected on her face!

So there you have it! Let’s all take inspiration from this famous haldi ceremony and try to make our haldi as special. Be yourself, like Divyanka, and you are sure to ace her Haldi look!


Groom Styling Tips From Vivek Dahiya’s Wedding

When it comes to marriage and weddings, it is mainly the girls and brides who take away all the glamour, choose your perfect soulmate at The poor boys are just left on corner sulking about how it’s their special day too. Right? A Big No!! if you are thinking on such lines, then you are very wrong. Today is the age of equality you see. The urban metro males are very particular about the way they look, especially when it comes to their D-Day! After all, for them as well it is a once in a lifetime event.


The latest that comes in this series of grooms looking their optimum best is the very celebrated Vivek Dahiya and divyanka Tripathi’s wedding(The DIVEK wedding). As these two stars from the tinsel town tied the knot recently, the whole fashion world went into a frenzy! While Divyanka had her fair share of the glamour, it was Punjabi gabru’s  overall look in all the functions that left girls all over India gushing. Get some styling tips for grooms to get that Vivek Dahiya look:

  • Stubble Is In: Keeping a stubble is the most upcoming fashion trend, and Vivek proved that it is here to stay. He supported a stubble throughout his wedding functions, from the pre-wedding shoot, till the actual wedding ceremony. We have to admit it, it made him look much more macho than a clean shaven avatar.
  • Suit Up: Vivek Dahiya proved that with a suit, you can never go wrong. From the Navy blue lounge suit, he wore on his engagement, to the Black tuxedo he supported on his reception, the man surely suited up quite well.
  • Go Traditional: While Vivek supported the western look during the engagement and reception, he certainly aced the traditional look on his wedding day. The heavily embodied golden sherwani he wore on the day of wedding surely made him look like a prince charming who came to sweep his princess off her feet. Moreover, the black kurta teamed with a red achkan coat made him totally irresistible on his sangeet ceremony.
  • Accessorise Well: we all have to agree that no matter how nice the dress may be, the true look is not possible without the right accessories. Vivek aced this task oh too well. From the baby pink coloured tie that he wore with the navy blue lounge suit of his engagement, to the beige colour pagdi and maroon stroll that he wore like a king on the wedding day, all the right accessories added to the charm of the dulhe raja.
  • Dress As Per The Occasion: It is very important to keep in mind that you dress differently for a different function. Not only should you blend into the mood of the ceremony, it also helps in making sure that your looks don’t end up looking repetitive throughout the gala. Vivek managed this aspect very well.

So there you have it! Follow these handy tips and ideas and you are sure to ace the macho look of Vivek Dahiya on you wedding day. Remember boys, it’s your special day, so  get your horses running and ace the look of prince charming!

Quick Regimens for Brides to Be For A Perfect Bridal Figure

The Wedding day! A day that every girl dreams of since her childhood! You have been your daddy’s little princess and want to be wedded off like one!

The first thing that all people notice at a wedding is the look of a bride. The charm on her face, her outfit, her poise, all contribute to making a perfect bride. Moreover, when it comes to the big fat Indian wedding, a number of functions, relatives, arrangements can actually take the toll on your physical and mental health.  Keeping this in mind, it becomes imperative that the would-be bride is physically and mentally in the best of health to make the gala a huge success.

bridal figure.jpg

The perfect bridal figure is the dream of every groom and bride to get the best match for themselves, search and choose your perfect match from which gives you the desired perfect match bridal figure to spend a marital life. Every Groom and bride desire to look good in their wedding attire, to look best follow the routine months before your wedding day and get in shape to fit best in attire.

  • H2o, The Way To Go: Before going in for any kind of fitness regime, it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated. Nothing beats water when it comes to quenching thirst. A would be bride should have at least have 3 to 5 liters of waters in a day. It helps in cleansing the body from inside and gives your body the energy required for any kind of workout. Not only do you end up losing weight, but the natural glow on your face comes as an extra bonus.
  • Eat Right: It is important to have all food sections in the right amount and right combination. Include a balance of proteins, fibers, and carbs your meals. Rather than having 3 square meals, go in for smaller meals every 2 hours. Make sure to add a good amount of salad with every meal that you take. Such small changes will surely work wonders for you to achieve that dream bride figure.
  • Suryanamaskar And Yoga: Nothing is more effective that the age old yoga when it comes to achieving fitness and peace of mind. Start your day with a set of 5 Surya namaskars. A combination of 12 asanas, this namaskar acts as a combination of 12 upper and lower body exercises in which you use your body as a weight to get trained.  Follow this up with breathing exercises like kapalbhati, anulom vilom, deep breathing etc.
  • Walk: go for a 30 to 40-minute walk every day. Not only does it rejuvenate and help you lose weight you, it gives you the much-needed space.
  • Upper And Lower Body Workouts: If yoga and walks are not your, hit the gym. Pay special attention to upper body weight training, Pilates, planks, and pushups.

With these simple tips and under 40 minutes everyday exercises, you will surely ace that perfect bridal body in no time! So get set to sweat it out and rock on your D- Day!!