Groom Styling Tips From Vivek Dahiya’s Wedding

When it comes to marriage and weddings, it is mainly the girls and brides who take away all the glamour, choose your perfect soulmate at The poor boys are just left on corner sulking about how it’s their special day too. Right? A Big No!! if you are thinking on such lines, then you are very wrong. Today is the age of equality you see. The urban metro males are very particular about the way they look, especially when it comes to their D-Day! After all, for them as well it is a once in a lifetime event.


The latest that comes in this series of grooms looking their optimum best is the very celebrated Vivek Dahiya and divyanka Tripathi’s wedding(The DIVEK wedding). As these two stars from the tinsel town tied the knot recently, the whole fashion world went into a frenzy! While Divyanka had her fair share of the glamour, it was Punjabi gabru’s  overall look in all the functions that left girls all over India gushing. Get some styling tips for grooms to get that Vivek Dahiya look:

  • Stubble Is In: Keeping a stubble is the most upcoming fashion trend, and Vivek proved that it is here to stay. He supported a stubble throughout his wedding functions, from the pre-wedding shoot, till the actual wedding ceremony. We have to admit it, it made him look much more macho than a clean shaven avatar.
  • Suit Up: Vivek Dahiya proved that with a suit, you can never go wrong. From the Navy blue lounge suit, he wore on his engagement, to the Black tuxedo he supported on his reception, the man surely suited up quite well.
  • Go Traditional: While Vivek supported the western look during the engagement and reception, he certainly aced the traditional look on his wedding day. The heavily embodied golden sherwani he wore on the day of wedding surely made him look like a prince charming who came to sweep his princess off her feet. Moreover, the black kurta teamed with a red achkan coat made him totally irresistible on his sangeet ceremony.
  • Accessorise Well: we all have to agree that no matter how nice the dress may be, the true look is not possible without the right accessories. Vivek aced this task oh too well. From the baby pink coloured tie that he wore with the navy blue lounge suit of his engagement, to the beige colour pagdi and maroon stroll that he wore like a king on the wedding day, all the right accessories added to the charm of the dulhe raja.
  • Dress As Per The Occasion: It is very important to keep in mind that you dress differently for a different function. Not only should you blend into the mood of the ceremony, it also helps in making sure that your looks don’t end up looking repetitive throughout the gala. Vivek managed this aspect very well.

So there you have it! Follow these handy tips and ideas and you are sure to ace the macho look of Vivek Dahiya on you wedding day. Remember boys, it’s your special day, so  get your horses running and ace the look of prince charming!


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