How To Get The Divyanka Tripathi Haldi Look

Before performing any matrimony rituals the important part is choosing a life partner, gives you the best options to choose your soulmate, and create your own memorable life history with your life partner, Haldi or turmeric, has a special place in Indian traditions. From our kitchens to medicines, haldi is an integral part of Indian households, with marriage being no exception.  When it comes to Indian weddings, the amazing ingredient has a whole ceremony based on its name. The Haldi ceremony is the one in which a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before their wedding. This ceremony is held at both the bride and the groom’s place, on the morning of the wedding day. It holds prime importance in a wedding as it is considered to keep the evil spirits at bay. Moreover, it adds to the glow and beauty of the couple.


Speaking of which, the recent haldi ceremony that all India has been talking about is the Haldi ceremony of the tinsel town beauty, Divyanka Tripathi. Her recent wedding to T.V. actor Vivek Dahiya has left the whole country gushing! Ever since Divyanka uploaded her haldi ceremony pictures on social media, every bride is dying to have that Divyanka Tripathi haldi look.

We have compiled for you some tips and ideas that we can take from Divyanka to make the haldi ceremony all the more special.

  • Colour The Town Yellow: Well as evident from the pictures, the colour combination of Divyanka’s haldi ceremony was very well co-ordinated. From the would-be bride to all the ladies of the house, everyone was dressed in yellow, the colour of haldi. This added a new vibrancy to the whole ceremony and provided beautiful photography moments.
  • Wear Something Fresh: As per tradition, the would-be bride wears old clothes on her haldi ceremony, keeping in mind that the clothes will end up getting soiled and be given away. Well, this is where Divyanka raised the bar. Not only did she wear a beautiful yellow lehenga, she looked ravishing in it. The elegant gold jewellery that she accessorised the dress with made her look all the more radiant.
  • Go Easy On The makeup: The main thing that Divyanka aced was the light makeup look. The natural beauty of the diva came oozing out as the result.
  • Be Natural In Front Of The Camera: The one thing we all can learn from the ceremony is to be as natural as possible when in front of the camera. The candid photographs that were taken during Divyanka’s haldi ceremony are testimony that no unnecessary posing is required to capture a lifetime event. This helps in capturing the emotions involved in a realistic way.
  • Enjoy With Your Loved Ones: Last but certainly not the least, enjoy the celebrations with your loved ones to the max. They all are there because they love you and want to make your day special in some way or the other. It is evident that Divyanka did just that and the true happiness reflected on her face!

So there you have it! Let’s all take inspiration from this famous haldi ceremony and try to make our haldi as special. Be yourself, like Divyanka, and you are sure to ace her Haldi look!


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