Tips for Post Wedding Dressing for the Newlywed Tamil Bride

Tamil Matrimony is a huge event where you will see several religious customs that are followed by the Tamil people. Prior to the wedding day, relatives and friends are busy in preparation of numerous ceremonies, which are essential in groom and bride’s life. In Tamil, marriage is given utmost importance and several pre-wedding ceremonies are conducted. You would love to witness the traditional Tamil Wedding, which reflects the unique customs.

Stylish Bride Asin
Stylish Bride Asin (PC:

Tamil Matrimonial has many rituals and maximum families still follow all the rituals. Some of the Modern and urban families avoid few rituals. But getting married by following all things according to rituals and customs are truly exciting and you should follow it. People may think after wedding couple is free however things are completely opposite after marriage and more responsibilities come on the shoulder of both bride and groom. There are lots more ceremonies, which Tamil bride need to follow. The bride must have several sarees and dresses so she can comfortably participate in these rituals without hesitation. After all, it’s not all about wedding it’s also about post wedding.

The post Wedding Ceremonies

  • In Tamil Matrimonial Pon Azhaippu is a ritual in which groom’s family greet and welcomes the bride. This ceremony is initiated by Groom’s mother or sister. In this ceremony, bride can wear the same wedding dress.
  • After Pon Azhaippu, Groom’s mother performs aarti of the bride, which is considered like giving home responsibility to the newlywed bride.
  • After all these ritual comes the turmeric bath. In this ritual bride and groom are given turmeric and oil massage or bath. In this bride and groom should wear the plain cloth like a simple saree or any other dress that you can wear easily and look traditional.
  • After few days of the wedding, the bride can wear her favorite color saree.

Importance of saree as it looks gorgeous:

In Tamil, Matrimonial bride should wear traditional dress or saree on the wedding day. Although after the wedding ceremony the wardrobe is not compulsory. Tamil Bride can wear anything she wants to however in the very beginning when brides’ needs to look gorgeous and traditional, brides must wear Sarees.

Dress on post wedding for honeymoon:

Bride on honeymoon can wear whatever she wants to wear. She can take her husband’s advice and ask him to help her in choosing clothes for her. Traditional clothes don’t look good on honeymoon, you can choose western or something sensational.

Tamil Matrimonial is simple and frequently performed in the temple. But to keep the charm of wedding bride must wear traditional saree and jewelry. Both couples should maintain the dignity of tradition and customs and should wear the pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding wardrobe, which must be complementary to one another. It is the biggest occasion of their life bride can take help of her mother to get best ideas for the wedding and other ceremonies.  Bride and groom both should shop for various clothes so they can look different and stunning during all occasions. Tamil Bride looks amazing when she wear beautiful saree with contemporary jewelry with it.


Important Things To Consider At Mudiraj Weddings

The wedding is the marriage of two souls. This is the most important part of a person’s life where two souls need to decide the person with whom they are willing to spend their entire life. This is the most crucial time where every ritual and every step has to be performed with etiquette and happiness. Mudiraj weddings are beautiful and are full of creative rituals there are simply few important points one must keep in mind while performing a Mudiraj Wedding ceremony; so the following are some of the important things to consider at Mudiraj matrimony:




  • There are certain rituals that are to be performed before a Mudiraj wedding and one of those rituals is the Nischitartham. In simple words, this is the wedding ceremony, which is a kind of announcement, that the wedding of two individuals is officially fixed. This is one of the most important things to consider at Mudiraj matrimony. It is the time when the families get to know each other even better and the wedding date is fixed on mutual discussions.
  • The boy and girl should always get some time to spend and know each other since they are going to spend their entire life together. It is very important for the bride and groom to take out some time and spend some time with them.
  • Pelikuthuru: This ceremony is also a very important thing that must be considered, this is the ceremony that will make the bride’s skin glow, as this ceremony is performed using turmeric powder that is applied to the bride’s face. This ceremony is held specifically for the bride and is followed by a bath and the bride is given a new saree and jewelry to wear on.
  • Impressing the in- laws is very essential for the bride. If it is an arranged marriage then it is more essential for the bride to impress the groom! But if it is a love marriage then the groom should have to take care of the needs and wants of the groom’s parents.
  • There are certain rituals that are supposed to be held early in the morn, such as the main ceremony of the wedding. The wedding ceremony is supposed to be held in the morning when the sun rises, that is a symbol of a new beginning of the lives of the two individuals.

The wedding is a rather very big occasion that is held with millions of happy hearts; whether they are present at that particular place and time or whether there are selective people present there. Several things need to be organized and kept in mind. By keeping the above mentioned things in mind one shall lead to the success of a Mudiraj wedding. Most importantly these weddings are performed with several rituals and these people need and seek for perfection in all of their ceremonies. Hence the points mentioned above may give an individual the idea of what are the important things to consider at Mudiraj matrimony.

Tips for a Stylish But Affordable Telugu Style Wedding

Telugu matrimony is considered as one of the most amazing affairs and has many rituals and customs to follow. These people are very rigid when it comes to their rituals and pursue them religiously. The wedding is usually an extravagant affair and to make it happen in your budget you need to make few arrangements. There are many ways to make your wedding stylish and yet affordable.


Having a low-cost wedding is definitely a practical preference for couples these days that are on a tight budget, mainly during peak season. When you have a strict budget, then you don’t necessarily have to settle for cheap wedding ideas. You can still make your wedding stylish and look elegant in the budget. Here are few affordable wedding ideas to make your wedding stylish.

Make your budget:

Make sure you know your budget for everything in the wedding. It is the primary thing that you need to consider before planning the wedding and one of the most significant things a couple must consider. Most of the people have very restricted budget to spend. You need to think about your wedding dresses and few extra expenses that may cut down the wedding cost.

Get wedding dresses on rent:

You can get your wedding dress on rent as the cost incurred in the wedding dress is quite high and you can actually save a lot of money. When you can get the dresses on rent, then there is no need to buy new ones. Men’s designer tuxedos are easily available for the groom for their Telugu matrimony. You can even go for bridal designer stores and seek help from a designer if they can arrange a bridal Lehenga or a gown on rent. Bridesmaid can also check various designs on rent from these shops. It’s a reasonable affair and can save your huge amount that can be used in other important things. This way you can make your wedding dress look stylish and in the budget.

Invite fewer people:

Make sure you invite fewer people when your budget is tight. Don’t invite acquaintance and known people instead call only near and dear ones on the wedding. Wedding cards will also be printed less in this case and try to go for online card invitation through emails, messages, what’s app and another medium.

Hire a wedding planner:

When you hire a wedding planner for your Telugu matrimony then he will take charge of all the arrangements and make your wedding stylish affair that too in the budget because once they know your budget, they plan everything accordingly.

Design your wedding cake:

Do not let yourself sad over a design of cake as you can even do that all by yourself. Designing and baking a cake isn’t tough and you can seek help from your family and friends. Make a stylish cake in the budget.

Opt for white cake or plain chocolate:

You can choose white cake or plain chocolate as the gift and thank your guests for arriving in the wedding. This is the cheap and wonderful gift for your guests that make your wedding exclusive.

Tips for a Stylish But Affordable Christian Style Wedding

Weddings are a blessing in everyone’s life and it is once in a lifetime experience that needs to be just perfect. God brings two people together and ties them in one knot forever. Marriage is a powerful bond between two people and communities who come together. It’s an important ceremony for two souls, families and their friends. A Christian wedding is very simple and not many rituals are performed in Christian matrimony.

christian wedding.jpg

There is a pledge taken by both the bride and the groom forever. Christian weddings have been considered as the happiest and sacred event. Recently, Christian weddings have become most famous in most of the parts of the world due to various distinctive influences. The Christian matrimony is not a much extravagant affair but most of the people don’t have a lot budget yet they want to have a stylish wedding. Here are few tips that if you take care, then you can make your wedding stylish and affordable.

Look for a wedding caterer:

It is very important for you to search for a good caterer who will take care of everything in your Christian matrimony from church marriage ceremony to invitation cards along with dinner and reception everything is arranged in a stylish way. They keep in mind your budget and affordability. All these are done at reasonable prices.

Less expensive wedding cards:

When you go for a catholic wedding then make sure you don’t go for expensive invitation cards. Always choose reasonably priced cards for the wedding. A Christian wedding event comprises of 3 biblical readings, vows, exchange of ring, the prayer is done for nuptial blessings, faithful vows that are accompanied with suitable music. Though, before this, the main thing for couples is to prepare and send Christian matrimony invitation cards to families and friends. Like all weddings, Christian wedding invitation cards also displays the rich culture and traditional values of a Christian community. You should understand that there is no need to invest much on the very expensive card.

Low priced yet stylish gifts:

Christian weddings are usually done in a unique way and style. Most of the flashy invitations are given with presents to the guests. You can choose cheap or low priced gifts yet stylish such as flowers, dry fruits, soft toys, chocolates, and perfume as a gift that are reasonably available in the market. These gifts are wrapped in beautiful packing paper that makes them look exclusive yet affordable.

Book a wedding venue in offseason:

When you book a wedding venue for your Christian wedding then make sure it’s booked in off season as you can fetch lucrative discounts and get the most stylish venue for the wedding. The wedding is the once in a lifetime experience and you must book the venue in off season or can take help from your family and friends in case they have any reference and can help you in getting some discount. There is a big expense of wedding venue so you should not get hesitate in searching a way to get a good offer.

Planning a Destination wedding in Kuala Lumpur

The recent trend which is setting wedding markets abuzz that of destination weddings. It, in its own way, is a heaven far- far off, from the routine lives of the would-be couple, away from their busy and monotonous routines, where the couple decides to tie a knot, with only their close near and dear ones by their sides. While destination weddings have been very popular amongst the other countries, the trend is rapidly catching up in India as well. Would be coupled choose a destination to get married in a faraway land, with only the closest of their friends to solemnize their special day.

From Indian destinations like Udaipur to destinations outside India, couples leave no stone unturned to make their special day all the more memorable. One of the wedding destinations which is very popular amongst couples today is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is, indeed, one of the best places for couples to come together in holy matrimony. Here are some points to keep in mind when you are planning a wedding in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

destinataion wedding in kuala lumpur.jpg
  • How to reach: Being The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a well-connected city globally. When we talk specifically in terms of India, there are many flights and offers, from various international airports of India like IGI, Mumbai etc. There are many options you can choose from in terms of fare, amenities and journey time. Bookings can be done online and through travel agents. Make sure all your guests have approved tourist visas from the authorized agencies, before making the final bookings. It is approximately an 18-hour journey.
  • Further connectivity: Kuala Lumpur has mainly two international airports, operating from Sepang, Which is approximately 35 km away from the main city center. On landing in either of these, you can reach the main city by opting for Airport trains, taxis, limousines, or airport shuttles. You can easily reach the city within 30 to 45 minutes, using one of these modes of transportation.
  • Hire a good wedding Planner: Do your research work well before leaving for your wedding destination. Research online or through your local friends in terms of whom to hire for planning your wedding. Based on the reviews, hire a good wedding planner. This will help you in having a smooth time as the planner will be in charge of everything, from the selection, decoration of the venue, making arrangements for entertainment, food, music, arranging a wedding minister or pandit, Mehendi artists etc. This will spare you the extra botheration and give you ample time to enjoy the celebrations with your loved ones.
  • Selecting a wedding venue: Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer in terms of wedding venues. From beach weddings and garden weddings to elegant banquet weddings, you have a wide option to choose from. Grand Hyatt and lake Gardens are amongst the favorites.
  • Places to visit: Kuala Lumpur is a hub of tourist spots. From the Petronas twin towers, Aquaria KLCC, Bird Park to the Batu caves, it has something for everyone.

So go ahead and plan your special day in Kuala Lumpur. You and your loved ones are sure to have a memorable time.

Family Planning Before You Ties the knot

Right from the time we come to our senses, one thing rules our priorities and mind, which is marriage and finding ourselves a perfect life partner. From childhood crushes to arranged meetings, we go places in order to find that perfect one. And Voila! One day, you meet this man, whom you instantly know is your prince charming! Then you get married and live happily ever after! But in terms of actual life, are these things really true?  The pace at which the lifestyle is changing, every individual ‘happily ever after might be different. So before taking the plunge, it is very important for you to discuss an ample lot of things with your fiancé.

One must remember that marriage is a lifetime commitment with no looking back. The best part about the changing times and society is that people have become very broad minded. Taking a hint from this, it won’t be a surprise that you might want to discuss things with your fiancé, which were considered taboo earlier. The main thing that one must discuss with the would-be a partner is Family Planning. Gone are the times of having a baby within one year of marriage. With the rapid and demanding lifestyle that we face today, it is essential for the engaged couple to discuss this issue thoroughly before getting married.  Shadi lists for you the must –discuss points regarding family planning that you oath to clear with your fiancé before taking the big step:

  • Have an open discussion: Family planning with your fiancé should always be a two-way discussion when you openly present you set of ideas and listen keenly to your better half as well. There might be times when you viewpoints conflict with each other. In such a case, hear him out patiently and then present your views politely, but firmly.
  • Define career goals: In terms of family planning, having well-defined career goals is very important. The time that you will take to achieve those goals makes the basis of planning the child. Hear out your fiance’s career goals as well and then reach a final decision.
  • Reach a mutual decision: after a thorough discussion, reach a mutual decision, to which you both agree. There should be no compromises. This will make things simple and blissful in future.
  • Take time to know each other: In a marriage, it is very important to know each other well. Your likes dislikes, mutual understanding, and respect towards each other make the basis for a strong marriage. Utilize your courtship period to the max in order to achieve this. After getting married as well, take some time before planning a child.

Marriage is feeling of belongingness with its own sets of responsibilities. It takes a time to know each other and be happy.  The priorities of all couples are different from each other, hence making family planning being a very subjective issue. Hence, think before, think well and enjoy a happy family life with the one you love!

Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for an Oriya Groom

The traditional Indian marriages are steeped in rich culture and tradition much as a part of their life and living. Oriya Matrimony and Marriages in India accompany many rituals and the dress that the bride and the groom wear are in keeping with the sanctity of the rituals. The wedding attire that has the traditional colors of red, white and yellow have an an deep religious significance that is probably lost today due to the pomp and the glamor that is attached to modern marriages that try to bring about a contemporary look without making an introspection.

Traditional MP Wedding

Making your contemporary look perfect traditionally

It is true that you are a part of the modern world, and you will be looking for a marriage ceremony that is in keeping with the current trends. While the center of attraction of any marriage is the bride because of the elaborate costumes, the heavy jewelry, and the accompanied makeup, the modern groom is not to be left behind.

  • The traditional Oriya groom was expected to dress in the dhoti that the men of the state usually wore. The color of the attire was expected to be white that is a symbol of purity. But the modern Oriya groom has the flexibility of wearing the traditional dhoti with the kurta or give a look a Western Indian ethnic twist.
  • Whatever you choose to wear, the marriage is of the bride and the groom and their looks should complement each other. Choose your outfit according to the sari that your bride has chosen so that you can either have a complementing same colored theme or a contrasting one.
  • For a bright red sari, you can choose a red Kurta with the White Churidar that will have the auspicious colors. The colors are best kept to shades of red, yellow or pristine white for the Kurta or the Sherwani if you want. The Churidar looks best in the white that also helps in adding height to those having a short stature.
  • Since you are expected to wear the crown during the marriage, opt for the color and the design of the crown and that complements your outfit. If you have chosen a Sherwani that has a heavy look go in for a lighter crown that will coordinate the look and make your face prominent instead of drowning in the colors.
  • If you wish to strike a contrasting look you can pick up the white Kurta or Sherwani with the self-coloured embroidery that will also help in giving you an extended look. Only make sure that you do not pick a color that is contrary to the traditionally accepted auspicious colors.
  • Make sure that you wear ethnic slippers that are meant for the occasion. You can choose the light Kolpuri or the Nagari with the embroidery work that matches that of the Sherwani or the Kurta.

Apart from your outfit remember that your skin, hands, and feet will have a lot of say in the ultimate look as a groom. Make sure to spend some time to get a manicure and pedicure done along with the facial so that your exposed parts are as glamorous as your perfect fitting attire.