Traditional Yet Contemporary Dressing for an Oriya Groom

The traditional Indian marriages are steeped in rich culture and tradition much as a part of their life and living. Oriya Matrimony and Marriages in India accompany many rituals and the dress that the bride and the groom wear are in keeping with the sanctity of the rituals. The wedding attire that has the traditional colors of red, white and yellow have an an deep religious significance that is probably lost today due to the pomp and the glamor that is attached to modern marriages that try to bring about a contemporary look without making an introspection.

Traditional MP Wedding

Making your contemporary look perfect traditionally

It is true that you are a part of the modern world, and you will be looking for a marriage ceremony that is in keeping with the current trends. While the center of attraction of any marriage is the bride because of the elaborate costumes, the heavy jewelry, and the accompanied makeup, the modern groom is not to be left behind.

  • The traditional Oriya groom was expected to dress in the dhoti that the men of the state usually wore. The color of the attire was expected to be white that is a symbol of purity. But the modern Oriya groom has the flexibility of wearing the traditional dhoti with the kurta or give a look a Western Indian ethnic twist.
  • Whatever you choose to wear, the marriage is of the bride and the groom and their looks should complement each other. Choose your outfit according to the sari that your bride has chosen so that you can either have a complementing same colored theme or a contrasting one.
  • For a bright red sari, you can choose a red Kurta with the White Churidar that will have the auspicious colors. The colors are best kept to shades of red, yellow or pristine white for the Kurta or the Sherwani if you want. The Churidar looks best in the white that also helps in adding height to those having a short stature.
  • Since you are expected to wear the crown during the marriage, opt for the color and the design of the crown and that complements your outfit. If you have chosen a Sherwani that has a heavy look go in for a lighter crown that will coordinate the look and make your face prominent instead of drowning in the colors.
  • If you wish to strike a contrasting look you can pick up the white Kurta or Sherwani with the self-coloured embroidery that will also help in giving you an extended look. Only make sure that you do not pick a color that is contrary to the traditionally accepted auspicious colors.
  • Make sure that you wear ethnic slippers that are meant for the occasion. You can choose the light Kolpuri or the Nagari with the embroidery work that matches that of the Sherwani or the Kurta.

Apart from your outfit remember that your skin, hands, and feet will have a lot of say in the ultimate look as a groom. Make sure to spend some time to get a manicure and pedicure done along with the facial so that your exposed parts are as glamorous as your perfect fitting attire.


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