Family Planning Before You Ties the knot

Right from the time we come to our senses, one thing rules our priorities and mind, which is marriage and finding ourselves a perfect life partner. From childhood crushes to arranged meetings, we go places in order to find that perfect one. And Voila! One day, you meet this man, whom you instantly know is your prince charming! Then you get married and live happily ever after! But in terms of actual life, are these things really true?  The pace at which the lifestyle is changing, every individual ‘happily ever after might be different. So before taking the plunge, it is very important for you to discuss an ample lot of things with your fiancé.

One must remember that marriage is a lifetime commitment with no looking back. The best part about the changing times and society is that people have become very broad minded. Taking a hint from this, it won’t be a surprise that you might want to discuss things with your fiancé, which were considered taboo earlier. The main thing that one must discuss with the would-be a partner is Family Planning. Gone are the times of having a baby within one year of marriage. With the rapid and demanding lifestyle that we face today, it is essential for the engaged couple to discuss this issue thoroughly before getting married.  Shadi lists for you the must –discuss points regarding family planning that you oath to clear with your fiancé before taking the big step:

  • Have an open discussion: Family planning with your fiancé should always be a two-way discussion when you openly present you set of ideas and listen keenly to your better half as well. There might be times when you viewpoints conflict with each other. In such a case, hear him out patiently and then present your views politely, but firmly.
  • Define career goals: In terms of family planning, having well-defined career goals is very important. The time that you will take to achieve those goals makes the basis of planning the child. Hear out your fiance’s career goals as well and then reach a final decision.
  • Reach a mutual decision: after a thorough discussion, reach a mutual decision, to which you both agree. There should be no compromises. This will make things simple and blissful in future.
  • Take time to know each other: In a marriage, it is very important to know each other well. Your likes dislikes, mutual understanding, and respect towards each other make the basis for a strong marriage. Utilize your courtship period to the max in order to achieve this. After getting married as well, take some time before planning a child.

Marriage is feeling of belongingness with its own sets of responsibilities. It takes a time to know each other and be happy.  The priorities of all couples are different from each other, hence making family planning being a very subjective issue. Hence, think before, think well and enjoy a happy family life with the one you love!


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