Tips for Post Wedding Dressing for the Newlywed Tamil Bride

Tamil Matrimony is a huge event where you will see several religious customs that are followed by the Tamil people. Prior to the wedding day, relatives and friends are busy in preparation of numerous ceremonies, which are essential in groom and bride’s life. In Tamil, marriage is given utmost importance and several pre-wedding ceremonies are conducted. You would love to witness the traditional Tamil Wedding, which reflects the unique customs.

Stylish Bride Asin
Stylish Bride Asin (PC:

Tamil Matrimonial has many rituals and maximum families still follow all the rituals. Some of the Modern and urban families avoid few rituals. But getting married by following all things according to rituals and customs are truly exciting and you should follow it. People may think after wedding couple is free however things are completely opposite after marriage and more responsibilities come on the shoulder of both bride and groom. There are lots more ceremonies, which Tamil bride need to follow. The bride must have several sarees and dresses so she can comfortably participate in these rituals without hesitation. After all, it’s not all about wedding it’s also about post wedding.

The post Wedding Ceremonies

  • In Tamil Matrimonial Pon Azhaippu is a ritual in which groom’s family greet and welcomes the bride. This ceremony is initiated by Groom’s mother or sister. In this ceremony, bride can wear the same wedding dress.
  • After Pon Azhaippu, Groom’s mother performs aarti of the bride, which is considered like giving home responsibility to the newlywed bride.
  • After all these ritual comes the turmeric bath. In this ritual bride and groom are given turmeric and oil massage or bath. In this bride and groom should wear the plain cloth like a simple saree or any other dress that you can wear easily and look traditional.
  • After few days of the wedding, the bride can wear her favorite color saree.

Importance of saree as it looks gorgeous:

In Tamil, Matrimonial bride should wear traditional dress or saree on the wedding day. Although after the wedding ceremony the wardrobe is not compulsory. Tamil Bride can wear anything she wants to however in the very beginning when brides’ needs to look gorgeous and traditional, brides must wear Sarees.

Dress on post wedding for honeymoon:

Bride on honeymoon can wear whatever she wants to wear. She can take her husband’s advice and ask him to help her in choosing clothes for her. Traditional clothes don’t look good on honeymoon, you can choose western or something sensational.

Tamil Matrimonial is simple and frequently performed in the temple. But to keep the charm of wedding bride must wear traditional saree and jewelry. Both couples should maintain the dignity of tradition and customs and should wear the pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding wardrobe, which must be complementary to one another. It is the biggest occasion of their life bride can take help of her mother to get best ideas for the wedding and other ceremonies.  Bride and groom both should shop for various clothes so they can look different and stunning during all occasions. Tamil Bride looks amazing when she wear beautiful saree with contemporary jewelry with it.


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