Traditional Kerala Wedding Arranged With Least Amount Of Cash

Weddings are special indeed but the occasions may have to be arranged within the shoestring budget. No matter what the reasons are for this, it is necessary to think of ideas that do not mar the spirit of the occasion and still allow you stay within the budget. There are several things you can do to make the wedding stylish without going over the board. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to start the planning early which can help you get discounts whether you are buying apparel for the bride and groom, jewelry, placing the order for food or flowers. The idea is that you will have a scope of negotiation with early planning. For traditional Kerala Matrimony, you can give up some of those elements that are part of the ideas the mind of the present generation but you can always pull in the ropes when it comes to buying things that are strictly meant for tradition.

  • Venue of the wedding: You can make the decoration simple and try to arrange the ceremony on other days except for the weekends. During the weekends, the charges of the venue go up on the higher side. However, the idea of getting married in an open place with beautifully decorated mandaps is certainly a better idea. The families of the bride and groom can discuss the idea of arranging the occasions of both houses in the same venue which provides the better scope of negotiation.
  • Video and photography: For capturing the memorable moments of the wedding, you can try to talk to people of your friends to recommend a photographer. Hiring the services of popular and highly professional videographers can be shunned for saving money. Make sure that you have given your Handycam to someone in the family to take videos of the rituals that are important instead of paying money to the professional service providers.
  • Frugal with flowers: Being frugal is considered bad for weddings and more so when it comes to the stringent norms of Kerala Matrimony as flowers are one of the most important inclusions. To follow a shoestring budget for weddings, you have to make your choice from the seasonal flowers. However, for the decoration of mandap, artificial flowers are as good as the real ones and there is no point in spending money for this purpose.
  • Wedding attire for bride and groom: One of the best ways to save money in weddings is to buy dresses that are cheap. You can have the best looks on the day of the wedding without spending a huge amount of money on sarees. Similarly, the traditional apparel of the bride and groom is not as expensive as you think.
  • Food in the wedding: Make sure that you have arranged for traditional food in a typically traditional Kerala wedding and get quotes from the vendors before placing an order. With appetizers that are heavy, you can always reduce the number of dishes.
  • Simple invitation: You can try to design handmade invitation cards which reflect the essence of the people of Kerala rather than placing the order in the printing stores.

Marriages can be arranged keeping the style and tradition of Kerala in mind but you can always stop overspending. Following effective and simple tips can suffice the purpose.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Traditional Trousseau For A Kerala Bride

The wedding is one of the special days in the life of every woman and choosing a perfect trousseau is one of the challenging tasks which are to be handled before the wedding. As a matter of fact, shopping is enjoyable and tiring at the same time for which many of the brides to begin with the activities as early as possible. You might not go over the board with a flurry of ideas and get tempted with options that might burn a hole in the pocket. When it comes to Kerala Matrimony, you have to stick to conventions and it is applicable to everything right from then dress to make up and accessories. Brides in Kerala wear heavy gold jewelry and the shopping must be done keeping in mind that the bride is at her best on the wedding day.

  • Choice of sarees: Sarees are important for Brides of Kerala and Kasavu collections are one of the most preferred collections besides adding zari to the golden borders. However, trendy silk sarees are equally popular. It is good to stick to colors that match with the skin tone of the bride as the bride has to visit the place of different relatives that invite them immediately after the ceremonies. Furthermore, collections for ceremonies that are to be held after marriage also require the bride to put on traditional attire and saree is the chosen one as far as marriage is concerned.
  • Jewelry for the bride: Brides in Kerala wear layers of gold jewelry whether it is the necklace, earrings, bangles along with different kinds of embellishments. While you have to ensure that the entire jewelry set includes the traditional designs, adding a few your ideas is not bad. For instance, you can wear light jewelry pieces along with the heavy ones that are to be worn at the workplace or in parties. Make sure that the quality of gold that you buy is authentic and comes with the hallmark. In addition to this, the size of the jewelry is also important and going for trial at the store can help you arrive at better decisions. Palakkal necklaces, coin mala, NagapadaThali are some of the specimens of jewelry to be chosen for the Kerala bride.
  • Bags and hair accessories: When it comes to Kerala Matrimony, the choices cannot go beyond the traditional aspects. For hair accessories, flower mala in small and big sizes can suffice the purpose. The bride has to tie hair in the form of plaits which is to be covered with flowers throughout which reflect the conventional appearance of a bride in Kerala.
  • Attractive blouse: Blouses of the Kerala bride can vary according to the saree and the rituals but the golden color although the material is as heavy as the saree itself. You can try to add zing to the style of the blouse but when it comes to traditional weddings, you cannot expect to choose a design which is revealing.

Girls in Kerala grow with the dream of wearing the best sarees and jewelry on the day of the wedding. For marriages that are typical, the choices must stay within the traditional ideas of the people of this state.

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How To Convert A Typical Kerala Wedding Into A Destination Wedding

Marriages in Kerala revolve around traditions and rituals that reflect the culture of the people of this state. Right from the pre-wedding ceremonies to the attire of the bride and the groom, the entire thing is laborious. Whatever it may be, the settings of Kerala Matrimony have started changing and it is no wonder that the people of Kerala have started incorporating new aspects in their weddings. The idea of converting a typical wedding in Kerala and organizing them in amazing destinations have become popular but many of these families fall short of ideas when it comes to destination weddings. This change has largely come about as the present day generations have migrated to different countries across the globe and have imbibed the culture of the west to a certain extent.  In fact, destination weddings have changed the concept of people.

  • Checking the weather: Whether the wedding is to take place on a beach in Kerala or in any other city, it is necessary to ensure that the weather favors the ceremony. Sudden rainfall or scorching sunshine can mar the effect of the wedding. Although you can embrace creative decorations for the wedding mandaps that have adequate coverings, the best alternative to counter such situations, switching over to a banquet of a hotel is the most viable option.
  • Tackling the cost: For authentic Kerala weddings, you might just think that changing the destination will incur more expenses but it can actually cost you less if not more. If you keep in mind the cost of traveling, wedding favors, vendors, décor and all the aspects, it becomes easy to choose destinations near the home but a little far away which offers a change of mind.
  • Getting able hands: Beware of planning a wedding in a distant location if you do not have enough support as your funds may go to waste. Try to locate a destination where you have friends on which you can entrust the responsibility of the wedding. If it is a resort, you will have coordinators to handle all the jobs only to make it seamless. Traditional weddings in Kerala are filled with ritual and you will surely not want to compromise those for the wedding itself.
  • Choosing the vendors: When in Rome, do as the Romans do is the adage that you need to follow when you choose a foreign land as the wedding destination. However, this idea might not be applicable when you have to choose a vendor. It is not only about the charges but it must be able to bring in some kind of authenticity to Kerala Matrimony and its different aspects.
  • Welcome of guests: Guests are an important part of every wedding and you have to keep in mind that it is necessary to arrange the best food, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Arrange for proper facilities and allow someone to carry the bags to the rooms and try to show the directions for those guests that are aged.

In the end, you do not have to stress out with the options rather try to manage everything with a calm and pleasant approach when it comes to joyous occasions such as weddings that are to be arranged in different destinations.

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How to Stay in Joint Family: Tips for Kerala Couple

Joint families are often looked down with suspicion and skepticism by today’s youth. More often than not, it’s the Indian mother-in-law who’s considered or rather portrayed as villainous and wicked. But in reality, even the mindsets of the elders have changed with changing times. They now consider their daughter-in-law as near as their own daughter. However, there remains this thing as to who will step out first to break the ice. In any situation, it’s the duty of the new person in the fold, the bride or the groom in their respective in-laws to go forward and assert them.


Taking the dynamics of Kerala Matrimonial into account, it’s always vital that you respect you in-laws. The bride and her mother-in-law need to have a good rapport. This is a secret of a blissful household.

  • Attention to basics: Being the new bride in the house, you might be aware of many normal home rituals. For Kerala brides, perhaps some these rituals at your father’s place or at the in-laws will remain the same. It’d help you to set yourself in the groove in quick time. But in case you aren’t aware of this, you need to communicate about the same with your mother in law. Now, you must tell her you to love to learn all those things from her. It’s obvious that she wants that her son’s life will go smoothly. She will thus forsake any reluctance or ego that she harbors and will come forward to accept and love you.
  • The kitchen chores: In the majority of Indian households, the cooking stuff is overseen by the ladies of the family. If you’re a working woman, you might not get all the time to cook so much. Hence, you can ask your mother-in-law or other female elders there for help. After a short while, you can also suggest a maid or helper. If they don’t budge, just try to win their heart with fine yet simple recipes that you can easily make.
  • The inference of right: Although her son is your husband now, you need to know that she still has her right on him. You should tell her good about her upbringing that has led her son to love her so much. This will boost her confidence in her son and she’ll know that even after marriage, her son remains the same. You need to remember these simple things always. Sweet words and compassion never hurt. Rather they yield great results sooner or later.
  • Conveying a message: Similarly, good feelings and right communication never go ignored for a long time. Make her your comrade and be sweet even if the times are adverse. It’s all about patience and resilience and you, being young and new to the fold, will need to show that.

If you ever visit a Kerala household, you’ll find that most parents live with their son even after his marriage. Thus, this happy family thing makes a Kerala Matrimonial a truly inspiring one. It’s all about shedding all ego and differences and working towards a blissful family life.

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Add lavish Décor to Tamil weddings

Tamil Nadu constitutes one of the states that form the epicenter of South India. The majority population follows Hinduism. Their culture is a time-honored and rich combination of music, art, literature and dance. It’s also amongst the best tourist destinations of the country. Tamil Nadu also houses many a sporting champion and sport. A Tamil Matrimonial ceremony is always a grand affair with myriad shades of gold and red dominating the wedding ceremonies.


A huge gathering of no less than 250-300 people is bound to be there at the marriage. Just like other weddings from different Indian communities, the parents of both the groom and bride are treated as vital as the couple themselves. They’re more like guests of honor. In order to make things contemporary in these weddings, there are some traditions you need to imbibe.

  • Enlivening the rituals: The priest is available throughout the marriage and seeks both the parents’ approval for carrying out the procession. Coconut cracking is considered to be very auspicious. It also includes the blessing the tray that contains the golden necklace or thali that the bride gets from the guests.
  • Beginning with the flowers in décor: Flower arrangements are very common in weddings in this region. You can go overboard with these arrangements and yet feel that it isn’t enough. Although subtle, they add to the entire atmosphere and modern outlook of the wedding. The stage or mandap can be a good cross between the modern and traditional styles culminating into a combination of colors or floral things enveloping the customs.
  • The surrounding hall part: If you’re going for a royal style wedding, then you can out on classic golden look artwork depicting mythology on the walls. You can have a designer do the same. There are mammoth curtains that exude a deep regal feel. Make sure these curtains are either of velvet or chiffon. They’d give that royal feel. When it’s lavish, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to the modern gimmicks. The chairs and tables can be the dark or wine red sponge with clothing over it. There is embroidery on it just like the curtains and courtyard clothes.
  • Beach style wedding: If you live near the seaside, go for it. Choose a pristine beach that entails a wedding venue and gets every arrangement there.
  • Red and gold theme: You do the entire décor using gold and red drapes. You also request your guests to adorn their traditional gold and red saris to attain the desired look.
  • Garden and floral theme: The people love their gajras and flowers. With this backdrop, go for a floral theme. It’s simple, yet it adds enormous beauty and mirth to the décor of any wedding venue. You can use different flower varieties for decorating an indoor venue. A huge garden with the abundance of flowers would do the trick.

You can also use paper to make your Tamil Matrimonial décor tread the Origami theme. You can use objects and flowers made from colorful paper instead of the conventional flower arrangements. It gives a much more modern and unique look to your wedding.

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Make Tamil wedding filled with joy and Fun

There’s no denying the fact that a Tamil Matrimonial ceremony is an amazing period of 4-5 days that incur enormous celebrations and definitely lots of money. With the world becoming more and more cosmopolitan and cultures commingling to one another to exude a more vibrant and fused image, most couples nowadays think of getting married in a different way. It’s for this reason that they hit many online sites for checking a suitable theme for their wedding.




You can find a host of fun ways for organizing a pre-wedding party for a Tamil couple. They are rooted to their culture and you can’t tamper with the traditional setups, rituals and customs. There’s no iota of setting your own rules here as the people are very conscious of their cultural identity. The customs are very interesting and remarkable themselves, and if you want to put more fun glee and spice into the setup, the pre-wedding celebrations are your best choice. More often than not, the guests become bored during the wedding rituals and lose interest.

  • Organizing a cricket match at the start: Everyone enjoys to the brim in cricket matches. It’s liked by all and sundry. Most Indians are simply crazy about this sport and when you organize one in your pre-wedding party, it creates a lot of excitement and vibe. This is the most awesome way of breaking the ice and reveling in the match. It goes out to both boys and girls.
  • Sangeet with DJ request boxes: You can always go for a DJ request box on your sangeet ceremony. Just turn on those coasters into viable DJ request coupons that guests can scribble upon. Simply drop those slips into the main box for the DJ to listen to all the requests.
  • Wedding tattoos: Now, this is the king of all. It’s a Wow idea for making your wedding pitch more interesting. Almost everyone likes or admires tattoos. When you’re organizing or attending a Tamil Matrimonial and pre-wedding party, you can always opt for a wedding tattoo festivity. Make a great mark with some stupendous personalized wedding tattoos. Both parties can actually wear them.
  • Unique and catchy mehndi designs: You can inculcate fun ideas pertaining to mehndi designing. Just hire some neat professionals who can add some fun element to the mehndi.
  • Create a golgappa station: Who doesn’t love golgappas? You can install taps for dispensing sweet, spicy water and let people mix and make their own golgappas. Some Thai flavored and spicy water golgappas can jazz it up to a great extent. Nowadays, many Tamil couples are opting for this idea to make their nuptial knot more interesting.
  • Groom’s entry in vintage: When the groom enters in a vintage car, every eye will be on you and people will just love the entry. It’s a novel way to enliven the mood and engage your guests and show them some style and substance. These days you have groom choosing different styles of entries in all occasions from engagement to sangeet to pre-wedding festivities.

Serving chuskis is another great way to add more fun. Nowadays, folks prefer alcoholic chuskis like kala chuski with the vodka-spiked one. This can create serious excitement amongst your guests.

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Importance of Rituals in Oriya Weddings

Straightforwardness and simplicity are what sums up an Oriya wedding. You need to remember that if there’s anything that truly reflects and upholds the cultural essence and identity of a community, it’s a wedding. An Oriya wedding sticks true to this line. While marriage ceremonies are undoubtedly a joyous occasion, it’s an amazing fact Oriya weddings don’t have any opulence or extravaganza. There’s no fire-driven effort to go gala or spend lavishly.

In order to know the importance of the rituals in Oriya weddings, you need to know what they are and what they stand for. That’d provide all the answers.

  • Pre-wedding rituals: It starts with Nirbandh, formally marking the couple’s engagement. The bride and groom’s father take an oath saying that they’ll wed their wards. The venue is the bride’s place. Interestingly, the couple themselves doesn’t participate in this ritual.
  • Jayee Anukolo: It marks the wedding rituals’ initiation in Oriya weddings. This is followed by the systematic distribution of invitation cards or nimantran patras for the upcoming wedding. They send the first card to Lord Jagannath in Puri as he’s the family deity. The couple’s maternal uncle gets the second card.
  • Mangan and Jairagogo Anukolo: The bride is blessed during mangan and turmeric paste is applied on her and seven other married women. Then she takes a ceremonial bath. It’s done for her beautification just before the D-day. The next ritual marks the fire’s stoking after the bride gets her ceremonial batch.
  • Diya Mangula puja: It refers to the congregational offered at the Goddess temple. The family’s female barber offers wedding toe rings, bangles and sindoor of the bride to the devi to invoke prosperity and happiness for the lady in her conjugal life.
  • Starting the wedding rituals: It starts with barajatri, which refers to the groom’s arrival at the wedding venue with his kinsmen. It entails mush gaiety and pomp. He’s welcomed by the bride’s mother with a rice tilak and aarti. The other members are warmly greeted as well and escorted with respect towards the venue.
  • Baadu pani gaadhua: Just after the groom enters the venue, a member of the bride’s family informs her of the same. They take her away for her ceremonial bath prior to the beginning of the actual rituals.
  • Kanyadaan: The main wedding rituals start with this ceremony where the bride’s father gives her hand to the groom with the promise that the husband will take good care of his beloved daughter. The ritual happens at the bibaha bedi, which is a structure decked with leaves and fresh flowers.
  • Saptapadi: This is the ubiquitous ritual of Hindu marriages. It refers to the seven rounds around the holy fire by the bride and groom. Her Saree is tied to his dhoti and they worship seven heaps of rice that symbolize the seven hills.
  • Haatha ghanti: It brings a formal end to the wedding rituals. The couple offers puffed rice and sacrifice or ahuti to the holy fire. The brother in law of groom, standing close to it offers the same to the bride. She then offers it jointly with her man amidst chanting shlokas and mantras.

With Sala bidha, you have fun ritual where the bride’s brother gives a punch to the groom on his back, reminding him of his responsibilities towards his sister. There are also post wedding rituals that underline the essence of Oriya Matrimony.

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