Add lavish Décor to Tamil weddings

Tamil Nadu constitutes one of the states that form the epicenter of South India. The majority population follows Hinduism. Their culture is a time-honored and rich combination of music, art, literature and dance. It’s also amongst the best tourist destinations of the country. Tamil Nadu also houses many a sporting champion and sport. A Tamil Matrimonial ceremony is always a grand affair with myriad shades of gold and red dominating the wedding ceremonies.


A huge gathering of no less than 250-300 people is bound to be there at the marriage. Just like other weddings from different Indian communities, the parents of both the groom and bride are treated as vital as the couple themselves. They’re more like guests of honor. In order to make things contemporary in these weddings, there are some traditions you need to imbibe.

  • Enlivening the rituals: The priest is available throughout the marriage and seeks both the parents’ approval for carrying out the procession. Coconut cracking is considered to be very auspicious. It also includes the blessing the tray that contains the golden necklace or thali that the bride gets from the guests.
  • Beginning with the flowers in décor: Flower arrangements are very common in weddings in this region. You can go overboard with these arrangements and yet feel that it isn’t enough. Although subtle, they add to the entire atmosphere and modern outlook of the wedding. The stage or mandap can be a good cross between the modern and traditional styles culminating into a combination of colors or floral things enveloping the customs.
  • The surrounding hall part: If you’re going for a royal style wedding, then you can out on classic golden look artwork depicting mythology on the walls. You can have a designer do the same. There are mammoth curtains that exude a deep regal feel. Make sure these curtains are either of velvet or chiffon. They’d give that royal feel. When it’s lavish, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to the modern gimmicks. The chairs and tables can be the dark or wine red sponge with clothing over it. There is embroidery on it just like the curtains and courtyard clothes.
  • Beach style wedding: If you live near the seaside, go for it. Choose a pristine beach that entails a wedding venue and gets every arrangement there.
  • Red and gold theme: You do the entire décor using gold and red drapes. You also request your guests to adorn their traditional gold and red saris to attain the desired look.
  • Garden and floral theme: The people love their gajras and flowers. With this backdrop, go for a floral theme. It’s simple, yet it adds enormous beauty and mirth to the décor of any wedding venue. You can use different flower varieties for decorating an indoor venue. A huge garden with the abundance of flowers would do the trick.

You can also use paper to make your Tamil Matrimonial décor tread the Origami theme. You can use objects and flowers made from colorful paper instead of the conventional flower arrangements. It gives a much more modern and unique look to your wedding.

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