How To Convert A Typical Kerala Wedding Into A Destination Wedding

Marriages in Kerala revolve around traditions and rituals that reflect the culture of the people of this state. Right from the pre-wedding ceremonies to the attire of the bride and the groom, the entire thing is laborious. Whatever it may be, the settings of Kerala Matrimony have started changing and it is no wonder that the people of Kerala have started incorporating new aspects in their weddings. The idea of converting a typical wedding in Kerala and organizing them in amazing destinations have become popular but many of these families fall short of ideas when it comes to destination weddings. This change has largely come about as the present day generations have migrated to different countries across the globe and have imbibed the culture of the west to a certain extent.  In fact, destination weddings have changed the concept of people.

  • Checking the weather: Whether the wedding is to take place on a beach in Kerala or in any other city, it is necessary to ensure that the weather favors the ceremony. Sudden rainfall or scorching sunshine can mar the effect of the wedding. Although you can embrace creative decorations for the wedding mandaps that have adequate coverings, the best alternative to counter such situations, switching over to a banquet of a hotel is the most viable option.
  • Tackling the cost: For authentic Kerala weddings, you might just think that changing the destination will incur more expenses but it can actually cost you less if not more. If you keep in mind the cost of traveling, wedding favors, vendors, décor and all the aspects, it becomes easy to choose destinations near the home but a little far away which offers a change of mind.
  • Getting able hands: Beware of planning a wedding in a distant location if you do not have enough support as your funds may go to waste. Try to locate a destination where you have friends on which you can entrust the responsibility of the wedding. If it is a resort, you will have coordinators to handle all the jobs only to make it seamless. Traditional weddings in Kerala are filled with ritual and you will surely not want to compromise those for the wedding itself.
  • Choosing the vendors: When in Rome, do as the Romans do is the adage that you need to follow when you choose a foreign land as the wedding destination. However, this idea might not be applicable when you have to choose a vendor. It is not only about the charges but it must be able to bring in some kind of authenticity to Kerala Matrimony and its different aspects.
  • Welcome of guests: Guests are an important part of every wedding and you have to keep in mind that it is necessary to arrange the best food, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Arrange for proper facilities and allow someone to carry the bags to the rooms and try to show the directions for those guests that are aged.

In the end, you do not have to stress out with the options rather try to manage everything with a calm and pleasant approach when it comes to joyous occasions such as weddings that are to be arranged in different destinations.

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