How to Make Kerala Weddings Filled With Joy

Kerala weddings remain a lavish affair because of the expensive arrangements by the hosts, still, you could say that the folks have the capacity to make budget-friendly arrangements. The best part is that you’ll never realize that it’s a low-budget affair when you attend them. The main reason is that the kind of flower decoration that adorns the venue and the type of dressing worn by the hosts you meet, make things look extravagant. After all, a wedding is bound to be a gala affair.

In the case of Kerala Matrimonial, your farthest relatives also attend the wedding since it’s a great way to meet other relatives. Invariably, a Kerala wedding is a type of big get together where congregations of guests take place.

  • sridevika-wedding-marriage

    Sweet and short weddings: A typical Malayalee marriage ceremony is short and sweet affair without the uncalled for practices and rituals. This makes it much easier for guests attending to step inside the groove. The bride and groom also find it easy. They like to spend more time after wedding rather than attending to all guests.

  • The glittery and attractive bride: Kerala Matrimony’s or weddings widely known for the bridal make-up and gold ornaments which she wears on the wedding day,
  • The beautiful locations: A great way to make your wedding fun-filled and exciting is to choose your location wisely. Kerala itself is the dream location for many couples opting for a destination wedding. God’s own country, just the name can set your heart beating with joy. Keralites are thus lucky enough to not go far to have a dream wedding. From the hills of Munnar to the backwaters of Alleppey, the spectacular locations can make any normal wedding look like a fairytale. They have the perfect setup to make things look like that. Just ensure you have your venue in such places.
  • Noise-free and somber weddings: Contrary to the weddings and festivities of the northern counterparts, a Kerala Matrimonial ceremony is much more serene and calm. The absence of meretricious stuff and unnecessary noises make it a great opportunity to feel the culture, get enamored with it and interact with the long list of people.
  • A wedding without a priest: Well, this might sound quite absurd especially considering the institution of marriage and the customs it brings forth. However, there are some families in the Kerala that practice the system of a priest-less marriage ceremony in the state.

There are different traditional takes on this one, which was started by the Nairs, who were a war clan. However, your Kerala wedding is not just fun and food and ritual. It’s the ambiance and overall experience that defines the marriage ceremonies. Imagine tying the nuptial knot in the tranquil backwaters. That’s probably explains everything.

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