How to Stay in Joint Family: Tips for Kerala Couple

Joint families are often looked down with suspicion and skepticism by today’s youth. More often than not, it’s the Indian mother-in-law who’s considered or rather portrayed as villainous and wicked. But in reality, even the mindsets of the elders have changed with changing times. They now consider their daughter-in-law as near as their own daughter. However, there remains this thing as to who will step out first to break the ice. In any situation, it’s the duty of the new person in the fold, the bride or the groom in their respective in-laws to go forward and assert them.


Taking the dynamics of Kerala Matrimonial into account, it’s always vital that you respect you in-laws. The bride and her mother-in-law need to have a good rapport. This is a secret of a blissful household.

  • Attention to basics: Being the new bride in the house, you might be aware of many normal home rituals. For Kerala brides, perhaps some these rituals at your father’s place or at the in-laws will remain the same. It’d help you to set yourself in the groove in quick time. But in case you aren’t aware of this, you need to communicate about the same with your mother in law. Now, you must tell her you to love to learn all those things from her. It’s obvious that she wants that her son’s life will go smoothly. She will thus forsake any reluctance or ego that she harbors and will come forward to accept and love you.
  • The kitchen chores: In the majority of Indian households, the cooking stuff is overseen by the ladies of the family. If you’re a working woman, you might not get all the time to cook so much. Hence, you can ask your mother-in-law or other female elders there for help. After a short while, you can also suggest a maid or helper. If they don’t budge, just try to win their heart with fine yet simple recipes that you can easily make.
  • The inference of right: Although her son is your husband now, you need to know that she still has her right on him. You should tell her good about her upbringing that has led her son to love her so much. This will boost her confidence in her son and she’ll know that even after marriage, her son remains the same. You need to remember these simple things always. Sweet words and compassion never hurt. Rather they yield great results sooner or later.
  • Conveying a message: Similarly, good feelings and right communication never go ignored for a long time. Make her your comrade and be sweet even if the times are adverse. It’s all about patience and resilience and you, being young and new to the fold, will need to show that.

If you ever visit a Kerala household, you’ll find that most parents live with their son even after his marriage. Thus, this happy family thing makes a Kerala Matrimonial a truly inspiring one. It’s all about shedding all ego and differences and working towards a blissful family life.

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