Make Tamil wedding filled with joy and Fun

There’s no denying the fact that a Tamil Matrimonial ceremony is an amazing period of 4-5 days that incur enormous celebrations and definitely lots of money. With the world becoming more and more cosmopolitan and cultures commingling to one another to exude a more vibrant and fused image, most couples nowadays think of getting married in a different way. It’s for this reason that they hit many online sites for checking a suitable theme for their wedding.




You can find a host of fun ways for organizing a pre-wedding party for a Tamil couple. They are rooted to their culture and you can’t tamper with the traditional setups, rituals and customs. There’s no iota of setting your own rules here as the people are very conscious of their cultural identity. The customs are very interesting and remarkable themselves, and if you want to put more fun glee and spice into the setup, the pre-wedding celebrations are your best choice. More often than not, the guests become bored during the wedding rituals and lose interest.

  • Organizing a cricket match at the start: Everyone enjoys to the brim in cricket matches. It’s liked by all and sundry. Most Indians are simply crazy about this sport and when you organize one in your pre-wedding party, it creates a lot of excitement and vibe. This is the most awesome way of breaking the ice and reveling in the match. It goes out to both boys and girls.
  • Sangeet with DJ request boxes: You can always go for a DJ request box on your sangeet ceremony. Just turn on those coasters into viable DJ request coupons that guests can scribble upon. Simply drop those slips into the main box for the DJ to listen to all the requests.
  • Wedding tattoos: Now, this is the king of all. It’s a Wow idea for making your wedding pitch more interesting. Almost everyone likes or admires tattoos. When you’re organizing or attending a Tamil Matrimonial and pre-wedding party, you can always opt for a wedding tattoo festivity. Make a great mark with some stupendous personalized wedding tattoos. Both parties can actually wear them.
  • Unique and catchy mehndi designs: You can inculcate fun ideas pertaining to mehndi designing. Just hire some neat professionals who can add some fun element to the mehndi.
  • Create a golgappa station: Who doesn’t love golgappas? You can install taps for dispensing sweet, spicy water and let people mix and make their own golgappas. Some Thai flavored and spicy water golgappas can jazz it up to a great extent. Nowadays, many Tamil couples are opting for this idea to make their nuptial knot more interesting.
  • Groom’s entry in vintage: When the groom enters in a vintage car, every eye will be on you and people will just love the entry. It’s a novel way to enliven the mood and engage your guests and show them some style and substance. These days you have groom choosing different styles of entries in all occasions from engagement to sangeet to pre-wedding festivities.

Serving chuskis is another great way to add more fun. Nowadays, folks prefer alcoholic chuskis like kala chuski with the vodka-spiked one. This can create serious excitement amongst your guests.

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