Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Traditional Trousseau For A Kerala Bride

The wedding is one of the special days in the life of every woman and choosing a perfect trousseau is one of the challenging tasks which are to be handled before the wedding. As a matter of fact, shopping is enjoyable and tiring at the same time for which many of the brides to begin with the activities as early as possible. You might not go over the board with a flurry of ideas and get tempted with options that might burn a hole in the pocket. When it comes to Kerala Matrimony, you have to stick to conventions and it is applicable to everything right from then dress to make up and accessories. Brides in Kerala wear heavy gold jewelry and the shopping must be done keeping in mind that the bride is at her best on the wedding day.

  • Choice of sarees: Sarees are important for Brides of Kerala and Kasavu collections are one of the most preferred collections besides adding zari to the golden borders. However, trendy silk sarees are equally popular. It is good to stick to colors that match with the skin tone of the bride as the bride has to visit the place of different relatives that invite them immediately after the ceremonies. Furthermore, collections for ceremonies that are to be held after marriage also require the bride to put on traditional attire and saree is the chosen one as far as marriage is concerned.
  • Jewelry for the bride: Brides in Kerala wear layers of gold jewelry whether it is the necklace, earrings, bangles along with different kinds of embellishments. While you have to ensure that the entire jewelry set includes the traditional designs, adding a few your ideas is not bad. For instance, you can wear light jewelry pieces along with the heavy ones that are to be worn at the workplace or in parties. Make sure that the quality of gold that you buy is authentic and comes with the hallmark. In addition to this, the size of the jewelry is also important and going for trial at the store can help you arrive at better decisions. Palakkal necklaces, coin mala, NagapadaThali are some of the specimens of jewelry to be chosen for the Kerala bride.
  • Bags and hair accessories: When it comes to Kerala Matrimony, the choices cannot go beyond the traditional aspects. For hair accessories, flower mala in small and big sizes can suffice the purpose. The bride has to tie hair in the form of plaits which is to be covered with flowers throughout which reflect the conventional appearance of a bride in Kerala.
  • Attractive blouse: Blouses of the Kerala bride can vary according to the saree and the rituals but the golden color although the material is as heavy as the saree itself. You can try to add zing to the style of the blouse but when it comes to traditional weddings, you cannot expect to choose a design which is revealing.

Girls in Kerala grow with the dream of wearing the best sarees and jewelry on the day of the wedding. For marriages that are typical, the choices must stay within the traditional ideas of the people of this state.

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