Traditional Kerala Wedding Arranged With Least Amount Of Cash

Weddings are special indeed but the occasions may have to be arranged within the shoestring budget. No matter what the reasons are for this, it is necessary to think of ideas that do not mar the spirit of the occasion and still allow you stay within the budget. There are several things you can do to make the wedding stylish without going over the board. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to start the planning early which can help you get discounts whether you are buying apparel for the bride and groom, jewelry, placing the order for food or flowers. The idea is that you will have a scope of negotiation with early planning. For traditional Kerala Matrimony, you can give up some of those elements that are part of the ideas the mind of the present generation but you can always pull in the ropes when it comes to buying things that are strictly meant for tradition.

  • Venue of the wedding: You can make the decoration simple and try to arrange the ceremony on other days except for the weekends. During the weekends, the charges of the venue go up on the higher side. However, the idea of getting married in an open place with beautifully decorated mandaps is certainly a better idea. The families of the bride and groom can discuss the idea of arranging the occasions of both houses in the same venue which provides the better scope of negotiation.
  • Video and photography: For capturing the memorable moments of the wedding, you can try to talk to people of your friends to recommend a photographer. Hiring the services of popular and highly professional videographers can be shunned for saving money. Make sure that you have given your Handycam to someone in the family to take videos of the rituals that are important instead of paying money to the professional service providers.
  • Frugal with flowers: Being frugal is considered bad for weddings and more so when it comes to the stringent norms of Kerala Matrimony as flowers are one of the most important inclusions. To follow a shoestring budget for weddings, you have to make your choice from the seasonal flowers. However, for the decoration of mandap, artificial flowers are as good as the real ones and there is no point in spending money for this purpose.
  • Wedding attire for bride and groom: One of the best ways to save money in weddings is to buy dresses that are cheap. You can have the best looks on the day of the wedding without spending a huge amount of money on sarees. Similarly, the traditional apparel of the bride and groom is not as expensive as you think.
  • Food in the wedding: Make sure that you have arranged for traditional food in a typically traditional Kerala wedding and get quotes from the vendors before placing an order. With appetizers that are heavy, you can always reduce the number of dishes.
  • Simple invitation: You can try to design handmade invitation cards which reflect the essence of the people of Kerala rather than placing the order in the printing stores.

Marriages can be arranged keeping the style and tradition of Kerala in mind but you can always stop overspending. Following effective and simple tips can suffice the purpose.

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