Things to Take Care of When Dating a Delhi Based Girl

Dating has become quite common in Delhi these days and even the teenagers these days tend to each other quite frequently. Most of you love to have a partner with whom you can share your problems and have fun with. But you must be a bit careful while in a relationship especially at an early age because if it fails, sometimes you tend to commit mistakes that lead you and your loved ones in bigger troubles.

Delhi dating couples don’t tend to last with each other in a relationship for more than a year and if you are looking for serious relationship, you must be very careful otherwise you may receive heartbreak from a Delhi based girl. Here are some of the things that you need to be wary of while dating a Delhi based girl:


Never comment on her fashion sense:

All the Delhi based girls rate themselves very highly when it comes to the fashion and dressing sense. Thus, when you are in a relationship with a Delhi based girl, never make a negative comment or suggest any fashion idea to them as they tend to take it on their ego.

If you ever put a negative comment about your girlfriend’s fashion senses, then you have put the first step towards the end of your relationship.

Never stop them from bargaining:

Delhi dating girls are master at bargaining from the shops and they tend to get things at very cheap rates from the market. But as a boyfriend, you may feel frustrated with their bargaining habits and ask them not to do so as it is a waste of time.

Though it can have large scale implications on your relationship and you are sure to get some harsh words from your girlfriend. Sometimes, it may also result in a mini breakup and thus you need to be a little careful about this aspect.

Never comment on their eating habits:

One thing which is common with all the Delhi based girls is that they are all foodie and they all want to get slim.  They will keep complaining you about how they are not able to lose on their body weight but literally never give them a suggestion on this topic.

You will generally ask them to put a stop on eating so much and then they will say that you do not want to take them out for lunch and dinner. You may actually get into a bog fight with your girlfriend that ultimately may lead to your breakup.

Treat her equal to you:

The women of today consider themselves equal to men and want their partners to do the same. So, when you are dating a girl, don’t consider her as inferior to them because of gender difference.

Especially with the Delhi based girls, they do not tend to appreciate guys that lack respect for women and they want your respect more than your love. So, do not ever pretend yourself as superior while in a relationship these days.

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