5 reasons Why Kundali Matching doesn’t Make Sense in Today’s Time

There are some things in the world which are always in the eye of the storm with people continuously debating and analyzing the need and relevance of everything every time. Often the religious customs and traditions are a regular part of this discussion with sections of a society split wide open on their relevance in modern times with the onset of exposure and information being freely available at all times. But then there are some customs that with age and time become irrelevant and often end up becoming malpractices with people using it for their own vested interests.

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The practice of kundli matching is one such practice being followed in our society that has now become redundant and has lost its relevance. There are several reasons for the same and here we try to enumerate the five primary reasons why kundli matching has become more of a curse rather than a comforting custom in our modern lives and has now lost its relevance completely in today’s world.

Firstly, the proper literature and transcripts that should be present to verify this art are no longer present. The literature is not only required to provide proof to the non-believers but also help in training and educating people in order to continue this tradition, thus the knowledge that is available is flimsy and weak.

Secondly, the astute religious pundits and learned men required deciphering the exact meaning and answers to complex equations no longer exist. So the art is now being used just to get money out of people by instilling false fears in their heads. Kundli matching involves expertise to know if a couple can stay happy together and if they are made for each other but with the learned men now nowhere in sight, this has turned into a drama.

Thirdly, the broad and open mindset of couples today lends itself to the bride and groom ready to make adjustments in order to lead a happy life. No longer do they need the help of kundli to tell them whether someone is made for them or not. So once the couple decides to make the final plunge they do it after a lot of deliberation and hence feel obliged to make the relationship work despite odds.

Fourthly, the number of people who have to lead a happy and fulfilling married life despite their kundli not matching also makes it redundant as the kundlis and the so called fortune tellers are no longer in vogue and are no longer equipped with the same knowledge they used to have.

Lastly, it is that love conquers all. The modern generation understands that no amount of matchmaking, kundli matching will help them if they are not in love and in sync.

What must be remembered is that like all things kundli matching is also becoming redundant in modern times not because the art itself is faulty but the followers and preachers are now only in the business for vested interests with little or no actual knowledge. So be careful before taking a call.

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