5 reasons you can still marry your lover even if horoscopes don’t match

India is a land of traditions and culture. Till date, we tend to follow these age-old practices in every form of life, which were established by our ancestors. Marriage too is no different. When we talk about horoscope matching, in particular, we still follow the rules, which were set by these ancient texts. In every Hindu marriage across India, matching of the horoscopes of the boy and the girl is considered to be of primal importance.

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However, we need to keep in mind the fact that times are changing. And with time, there are certain traditions and customs, that need to change too. Long gone are the days where the bride and groom use to meet each other on the day of their wedding. Today’s generation wants to get married to the person whom they love, know, respect and admire. They believe that no texts or methods which evolved thousands of years ago can define their compatibility with their better half. So if you are one such person who needs reasons to marry your lover despite your horoscopes not matching, we have here a list of top 5 such reasons:

  1. Trust your choice: remember the fact that you are an independent individual, who has the capacity to make strong decisions for yourself. The only reason you want to marry your lover is because you trust him, respect him, love him and understand him. This is all that is required for a perfect marriage. So, trust yourself and your choice.
  2. Horoscope matching is not a proven science: Though the astrologers swear by it still that does not change the fact that horoscope matching is not considered a science at the first place. So don’t let something that you don’t even know about decide the future course of your married life.
  3. Horoscope matching is not fooled- proof: There have been many cases where even though the match was considered perfect as per the horoscopes, the couples till hit splitsville. This itself shows that it is not our stars, but our own behavior and treatment towards our lover that form the basis of a compatible marriage.
  4. It is not acceptable worldwide: One should always keep in mind the fact that horoscope matching is only prevalent in India. No other couples in other country match horoscopes before getting married. Hence, it should not be fully trusted to define your compatibility with your partner.
  5. Understanding matters, stars don’t: It is important for you to understand your partner and vice-versa. It is mutual understanding and compatibility that form the basis of a strong marriage. This can only happen if you know and love the person well before you get married. No star inclination can lead to such understanding.

The practice of kundli or horoscope matching being followed in our society that has now become redundant and has lost its relevance. Believing in it at the present age is purely a personal choice, which should not be forced upon. It’s time to get above these practices and form a happily ever after with the one you love.

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