Does Kundali Matching Still Hold Good in Modern Times

Practices and rituals are often judged and followed on the basis of their longevity. There are certain practices that fade away with time and then there are some that continue for generations, turning them into traditions. These rituals and traditions are often misused and mal-practiced and often lead to the society being polluted in the name of fear. So customs which are essentially supposed to help us lead a better and a more organized life often end up becoming a source of apathy and discomfort in society. With time these traditions and practices tend to get diluted because of several reasons. The major reason being that lack of proper scriptures as well as written material to support the custom and explain to people its relevance. Also, the inability of learned men to pass on this knowledge from generation to generation. But very often the primary cause of this dilution is the vested interest of affected people to exploit others in the name of these customs and end up making these practices into malpractices.

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One such custom or practice being followed in India is the custom of Kundali matching. This practice has been criticized, appreciated, ignored and dramatized so much in our country that it becomes impossible to separate fact from fiction. With religious literary comparing it to Gods own will to atheists calling it a joke, Kundali matching has been the subject of many an animated discussion in our times. We try and take a closer look at this custom and try and decipher whether it still holds good in modern times.

The custom of matching kundalis of a bride and the groom before a match is finalized is a long standing tradition in the Hindu society. The pundits and several learned men have been at the arduous task of predicting what the future holds with the help of stars for long. According to the planetary positions of both the groom and the bride, the pundits try and predict whether the match will last or will it be detrimental to the pair. Religious literary have often described it to be an exact science and often cited the longevity of the tradition as proof of its success. Those that believe in it are often seen following the instructions are given by the pundits to the very minutest details. Often matches are not seen to go through because of the Kundali of the couple not matching.

But those who are not in favor of this custom are often seen ridiculing it in order to prove their point citing an example of couples who continue to lead a happy marital life despite their Kundali not matching. The trouble as is often the case with such practices is that the religious pundits are often seen misusing this custom to earn money and thus bringing disrepute to what could have been an age old tradition which could have qualified as a science even.

Finally, it is safe to say that the process of Kundali matching is relevant only to the extent that we want it to be because even if the kundali doesn’t match the couple if they love each other will find a way because as they say love conquers all.

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