Horoscope Matching: More of a Behavior Compatibility than Just Match Making

India is a land of customs and traditions, where long-lasting things have been valued and preserved because they have stood the test of time and proven themselves against the odds by surviving for so long. They are followed and praised because they have stood the test of time, the onslaught of non-believers and still have managed to hold their relevance through ages. One such tradition which has been an integral part of our Indian culture is the tradition of horoscope matching before marriage. Though considered baseless and age old by some, it still forms the very basis of marriage when we talk about Hindu marriages in particular.

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In modern times, the science behind horoscope matching is often questioned. With western culture becoming dominant worldwide, the practice of matching kundalis is often questioned and laughed upon. However, we need to understand the fact that a practice is only followed over the ages if it has a solid backing to it. We all know that the Vedas were written not by the common men, but the learned sages and scholars of that time. They had a wide knowledge of human traits, behaviors, and characteristics, and based on those only, they made rules that governed the society. The art of matching horoscopes too was based on certain behaviors and characteristics, based on which the compatibility of a couple was judged. The points to back the same are discussed below:

  • Horoscopes are based on genealogy: It is believed that the way horoscopes are made give us an insight into the genes that an individual carries. Being from a particular family tree, it is possible to predict the behavior and traits of a person whose horoscope is being considered. It gives us an insight into behavior trends that have been an integral part of that particular family, which may naturally get transferred to the perspective bride or groom.
  • Horoscopes are detailed: while matching horoscopes, 8 things are given primal importance. These include the physical attributes of a person, his or her characteristics as per the sun sign, behavior and mood swings as per the gana, the mental level and thinking process and his or her dominant characteristic as per the stars. Hence, it ends up giving us an in-depth view into the possible behavior pattern of a person.
  • Define the family to which a person belongs: One must always remember the fact that in India, you not only get married to an individual, but you have to adjust with his or her whole family. Since mostly all families believe in getting horoscopes of their children made at birth, this in a way, proves to be helpful, while matching kundalis before marriage. Horoscopes in a way provide you with a guideline, which points out towards the whole family to which the perspective bride or groom belong. It hence helps you in taking a better decision for your future.

What we need to understand is the fact that these rules of matchmaking, were based on a particular science, which defined to behavior patterns of human beings well. However, believing in it at the present age is purely a personal choice, which should not be forced upon. All the best!

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