When you decide to become a Kerala housewife – Merits and demerits

It is very difficult to decide between career and home for girls. There are many among them who opt to stay housewife and continue their life serving home and family. It is true one should give priority to their family but today time is being changed which bring merits and demerits of being a housewife. Kerala Matrimony is helping Kerala girls to find partner and home who respect their decisions and give them feeling like home. Working women are divided between home and work and so many try to live life as a housewife. But here there are many factors which are to be considered while taking such decisions of life.


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What are merits of becoming a housewife?

  • One who is staying as housewife can find it very easy to give time to their family. It is very important to understand nature of members of the family and so one who has time can easily build strong relation.There is no need to hurry up and give full attention to family.
  • The biggest problem faced by working women is they are unable to give time to their children.One who is working as housewife can see their children grew up and enjoy each and every stage with them. These memories stay in mind till the end of life and thus housewife can enjoy it to their fullest.
  • Kerala housewives can enjoy more freedom as they can get time to hang up with a friend and stay alerted on social media. It gives them chance to pursue their hobbies and bring the new change of life. It will help to work as boss of their home.
  • It is very important to improve and even learn new skills. Workingwomen’s do not find such time and so through Kerala Matrimony Kerala girls can find a family who helps them to go and learn new things in life. It will help to learn something new which can also give them happiness and also engage their extra time.

Working women are always very tired and it can reflect in their work and even at home. But one who is focus only at home can find time for themselves. It will help them to divide schedule in such way they can get time for themselves. There are many ways to earn at home without going any place. ThusKerala girls opting as housewife can become economically strong and also manage home in the best way.

Disadvantage of being Keralahousewives

  • One who is working as a housewife is taken as granted. Members of the family can’t see their work and perseverance behind the home and don’t respect their work.
  • The worst part is they are financially dependent on a partner of other members of the family. Kerala girls who are working before marriage finds it very hard to ask money for their personal stuff in front of others.
  • They are not able to meet new people and thus they are bounded with their thinking and knowledge. They won’t have an idea what is going on in the world which will indirect limit their thinking to see the world.

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