How to Select the Perfect Groom Arrival Song

The great Indian shadi is all about gana-bajana and khap khana.  With numerous functions preceding the main event, music becomes an integral part of such a celebration. Music in Indian weddings is the lifeline around which all events are managed and music is what helps the traditional events to acquire a whole new meaning and stay relevant in the modern world. So if the music is right then the show is definitely going to be happy and bright. Due to this, the DJ acquires a prominent and pivotal position in either making the event a spectacle to admire or just another marriage which people come to attend. One of the key moments in a wedding ceremony is the arrival of the groom to the wedding venue. It is often accompanied by a song being played which adds to the whole magic of the moment. Here are a few tips for selecting the right number for the event so that it remains a memory of a lifetime for everyone.


Groom arrival image


  • Keep the groom’s choice in mind: The kind of music that a person enjoys defines him. Hence, it is very important that the number selected to announce the arrival of the groom should be as per his choice. Remember it is his special day and if he hears his favorite song being played as he arrives for his big day, the nerves will calm down and the feeling of ecstasy and joy will take over.
  • Keep the number beaty and peppy: In Indian weddings, the bridegroom is considered nothing short of a knight in shining armor, who has come on his white horse, to sweep his princess off her feet. Keeping this in mind, one should make sure that his arrival to the wedding venue should be announced in a great way, with a beaty and peppy number, which is heavy on the bass.
  • Pick the latest number: try and keep the latest number as the arrival song as people will be able to connect to it faster and will also start humming along, thus making for a grand entry for the groom with all the guests getting involved in the music. Do remember that the music has to only support the moment and help the feelings to come out, rest the emotions will take care of themselves.
  • Pick a traditional song: Try keeping a traditional song as the arrival song for the groom. Not only will it add to the whole emotional and festive atmosphere of the wedding, it will also give the whole place and ethnic aura.

Keep the given tips is mind and be ensured that you will end up with the perfect groom arrival song. It is, after all, the moment that the groom and all his near and dear ones will remember all their lives. So make sure to select the correct number and be the hero of the day! All the best!

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