When a Kerala girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

Marriage is a turning point of life for a girl and even boys. But it is true that every girl needs to compromise on many things as they have to settle down at new home with new people. It is not an easy task as they are required to change their lifestyle to adjust with new people. There are many people today who are against girls who opt to work after marriage while some go with girls’ decision. Kerala is one such state where every girl is not only educated but also opt for working. There is Kerala Matrimony where Kerala girls always ask for work after marriage. But with experience of working girls, it is proved that there are some merits and demerits of working after marriage.


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Why should girls work after marriage?

  • It is very important to have confidence in whatever work one does in life. Kerala girls are required to come out from their comfort zone and accept all challenges which will not only in the job but also make it easy to take the decision of life.
  • It is very important to learn new things in life. One who is surrounded by four walls of the home is far away from all new innovations. In such scenario, working women can learn new things as they will meet new people and also learn new things which will take life to new heights. Knowledge is increased when we meet new people and so in such situation working after marriage will prove beneficial for all.
  • Girls who are working meet new people and this leads to exposure. Meeting new people and interacting with them will help to share knowledge and different experience of life. One would find a new direction of life with help of such experiences and thus help to make life easy.
  • Respect is very important in life. Girls who are working after marriage is able to get respect from family and also are independent to take good decisions in life. One who is knowledgeable can tackle every situation in the best way and thus it will indirectly help to get respect from others.
  • Girls who work after marriage can find themselves financially independent. They can support family monetary and also make life easy and comfortable for all. Kerala Matrimony helps girls to get partner and home who respect their decisions.

Disadvantages of working after marriage

  • Girls who are working after marriage are unable to give sufficient time to family. It will not help to interact with members of a family and thus will not help to build strong relations.
  • It is very difficult for working women to manage job and home at one-time ad this can even bring differences with a partner.
  • Girls who are earning more than their partner will always find ego problems between them. In such satiation, it is very important to take some decision which can save marriage life of women.
  • Girls will not find a tie for themselves and will be lost at work and home. It will make them mentally and physically weak.

Today one should think in every manner before marriage as it will take life to right path. Kerala girls are free to take the decision of life.

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