How to Select Suitable and Melodious Numbers for Your Wedding Videos

The great Indian Shadi is all about emotions, celebration, and festivity! From the food to the music, all things oath to be pitch perfect to make it the most memorable day for the Bride and the Groom. For this, we often hire professionals to capture and video graph all the wedding events and celebrations! But Alas! Most of the time, despite to perfect video footage, the songs that the video guy puts and dubs as the background score, fails to make an impression. There are even times when the blaring music kills the feel and emotions of the whole event. More so, there are even times when the song selection may be as per the emotion or sequence, but does not match the musical taste of the bride and groom. So hence, it becomes important that you make sure that the suitable and melodious numbers from the background score of your prized wedding video. Here, we present to you certain tips that you must follow, to make sure your wedding video has the perfect music score:




  • Keep in mind the choice of the couple: While selecting the music for the wedding video, make sure to keep in mind the choice of the couple. After all, the wedding video is all about keeping fresh the memories of these two people, who tied the knot that day. So make sure to include the music that both the bride and the groom enjoy.
  • Select the music as per the moment: Various key moments of the whole event are captured in the wedding video. So make sure to select a song that defines each moment in the most appropriate way. This will surely raise the emotional quotient of the viewers later.
  • Select melodious numbers rather than loud one’s: A wedding video is a private footage of the wedding events that you watch and enjoy with your family members in the privacy of your home. Hence, it is advisable that you choose melodious numbers rather than the one’s which are heavy on the bass. Blaring music cannot emote the same way as melodious numbers, hence spoiling the whole effect of the video.
  • Select the song as per the emotions: All Indian weddings are very high on emotions. From the roka of the girl to her vidaai, a wedding video captures the most emotional and moving moments of a girl’s and boy’s life. Nothing conveys emotions the way music does. So make sure to select musical numbers as per the emotions that are being depicted in a particular scene of the wedding video.
  • Make it a medley of old songs and new: It is not necessary that the songs selected for the video should only be latest numbers. Make it a medley of old golden numbers and new melodious songs. This way, not only will you have more options to choose from, but you will end up with a spectacular video, which all the generations of the family will enjoy watching!

With these tips, we guarantee that you will end up having the most rocking wedding video album ever! All the best!!

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