Must haves in the wardrobe of a newlywed Kerala Groom

Marriages in Kerala simply mean a change and a makeover of the wardrobe in all respects. It is either a typical south Indian style that requires you to change the wardrobe into something completely off the formal look or, the wedding maybe the formal wedding suits that need you to have a number of suits and boots going in with the color and the attire. Now, sticking to the different ceremonies one has to go in a Kerala wedding, we have numbered the points and the must haves in the wardrobe of a newlywed Kerala Groom


Keral grooms


  1. Firstly, depending on the cultural background of the families, you can mark out on which tradition to follow. It can be either Dhoti culture or the Western Catholic. For the Dhoti culture, you can fill your wardrobe with Dhotis or Munds of off-white or white colored, with Golden thick border outlining the end of the mund. The mund culture is pretty famous there and almost every newlywed groom is seen flaunting a mund, nevertheless. It only marks the tradition. Also, for the western culture, having typical suits. Suits are of many colors but then having a combination of certain colors only helps the groom look better and royal. Colors like Brown, Grey, matt black are the most commonly trusted colors when it comes to the suits in Kerala culture.
  1. The footwear- For the Mund culture, you can opt for chappals that go well with the Munds. Shoes on the mund look a bit off the course. Hence, chappals of the basic colors like brown, gray or black can be trusted. For the western culture, go for the shoes. The formal shoes without much of designs and prints on them go perfectly toned with formal suits. Suits can never be paired with off colored shoes or the shoes which have a lot of print on them, something even the brand’s name that is printed in different color and is visible brings down the look considerably.
  1. Shirts- Now, this is a tough choice. For the newlywed groom, our Kerala matrimony won’t suggest going for T-shirts in the initial stage. It only looks off the course in the beginning. Hence, stick to shirts. If you are pairing it up with Mund, obviously go for bright colors and checked shirts as they look good with the Munds. Kerala culture also endorses a lot of check shirts and bright colors. Hence have ample amount of them. IF you are going with the formal looks every alternate day, go for dark colored shirts but plain and simple. Check shirts on suit spell disaster. Hence, go for plain. If you are someone who is midway to both the cultures, you can always opt a fair composition of wardrobe must-haves from both the cultures that will only help you to be quick if you had to suddenly show up in front of a group of guests. Kerala grooms have the best time of their life at the beginning of the marriages as they get to choose their fashion spells from a wide variety of options.

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