When a Telugu girl decides to keep working after marriage: Merits and de- merits

There was a time when the wedding would put an end to the career options and ambitions for the woman. But today things have changed. You will see that Telugu girls are quite career oriented and they really like working at offices. In fact, they are at good posts and they earn pretty well. When the wedding is decided in Telugu Matrimony there should be clear cut communication from both sides as to what are the basic things that each of them needs. If the girl wants to work even after the marriage, then she should let the in-laws know of the same. This will help them accept the further situation.


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Taking the decision for working

If the Telugu girl decides that she wants to continue working even after the marriage, then she should consider that how much flexible she can be and what amount of adjustment the family will do for her. In most of the Telugu families, the parents of the groom are quite supportive. Also, you will see that groom would not mind helping his wife in the kitchen. So, if the family is forward and is perfect in such thoughts then perhaps working after the wedding would not be a tough choice.

But you should know about a few demerits and these include if someone in the house is not well, and then the bride will be told to stay back. She should be ready for these things. If she wants things to be perfect by all means then she can appoint a helper at home so that the tiffin and cooking tasks are done quickly without many hassles.

If she has to go somewhere then she has to make meals and all ready. So, her sleep would be affected. She will have to get up early in the morning and then she should complete all the home related tasks first and then get ready for the office. All these things will create a bit of stressful situation for her. If she tries to stay fit then she will never have any kind of issues. But if amidst these stresses she loses her health too then things would be quite complex! In that case, even the family members will be suspicious about the capacities and capabilities of the bride.

Hosts of responsibilities

Getting married would bring in lots of responsibilities and as a result of this, it is important that you should stay well with peace with the family. You should appoint the helper keeping in mind the situation at home. If you have a good mother in law then you can always ask for help. Some people don’t ask for help and then they will complain that no one is helping them.

Be clear about your motives when you enter into Telugu Matrimony. Take the decisions that are good for everyone. If you don’t want to compromise with your career then perhaps you will have so many things at hand.

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