When You decide to become a Muslim Housewife- Merits and Demerits

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman of two different families. Both families have their own lifestyles. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a newlywed girl to be an active member of the new family.

A woman is supposed to be responsible for all the household chores. In most of the rural areas or remote places, it is believed that a woman who works outside from the home to earn money and respect or making her career is a sin, especially in the Muslim Community. Keeping all these aspects in mind, a woman has to make a lot of compromises and sacrifices.

In Muslim Matrimony, many challenges are faced by a housewife. But she possesses some benefits also. Here are some of the merits and demerits of being a Muslim housewife:


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Muslim women have rights to negotiate marriage terms of their choice. They have right to get a divorce from their husband, even on the grounds that they cannot stand them. According to Muslim Matrimony, after getting a divorce, the custody of their children is in the hands of a woman. In this situation, a working woman can

Women have the right to be supported. If they do not wish to do a job, they are allowed to rely on their husband for financial support.

Muslim woman has the right to get kind and proper treatment. As per the beliefs of Qur’an and the Prophet, women are entitled to be treated well like a queen. The Prophet (SAW) even said, “The best of you are those who are best to their wives.” and “Half of your deen (faith) is your wife.


In some countries, laws for Muslim women are extremely strict. There is no equality between a man and a woman, as man is the sponsor. The Muslim lady has to follow the instructions of a man.

If we talk about underdeveloped countries, Muslim housewives do not get any benefits. A Muslim man can have four wives. In these nations, we cannot see any benefits for a Muslim woman.

Muslim women have unequal access to education, economic opportunities and health care. They may be the victims of domestic violence or ethnic cleansing. If the woman is not working and always lives in the house, the situation becomes worse for her.

In the Islamic society, it is believed that a housewife within the limits of her influence, is responsible for anything that happens inside the house.
Unfortunately, many people of Islamic society have developed the concept that housewives are assets of their husbands. They treat housewives as women who are economically inactive, socially backward, illiterate and menial. But, this is contradictory to the truth and draft a wrong visage of a housewife.

There should not be discrimination between a man and a woman whether they are from Hindu or Muslim community. Women are not only housewives or mothers; they are the better half and soul mate of their partner.

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