Five Things To Know About Bridal Make Up For A Kerala Bride

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think about a Kerala bride? Three most important things that cross the mind of any person are braids with fresh flowers, jewelry, and the colorful Kanchipuram silk sari. A typical Kerala bride is a perfect symbol of elegance, grace, and dignity. Here are the most important five things to know about bridal makeup in Kerala matrimonial.


Kerala bridal makeup


1) Vital things about facial make up

First of all, you need, to begin with, a high-quality concealer. The next step is to apply the compact and it is the foundation on which you can build. You can use bronze or glittery eye shadow as eye make-up and the eye liner (medium layer) and waterproof kajal can be applied. If you want some drama to your eyes, you can use curling mascara generously and shades like a combination of light red and pink or peach are good for lipstick.  In order to bring an immediate glow, you can add a big red bindi as well.

2) Wearing a Kasavu sari adds elegance

Although Kanjivaram saris are immensely popular, many Kerala women prefer the famous Kasavu sari during their wedding. It is a gorgeous one and a cream or off-white shade is a good option. If you can have a gold border with this sari, an elegant and royal look can be easily achieved. You can pair it with a silk gold blouse as well.  Other colorful Kasavu saris can also be used if they go well with your complexion.

3) Jhumkas are a good option

Appealingly thick Jhumkas have never gone out of fashion when it comes to Kerala bridal ornaments and makeup. You can use Jhumkas made of pure gold and Jhumkas with green and red semi-precious stones are also a good option.

4) Traditional wedding chains enhance the elegance

Jasmine bud necklace or mulla mottu mala can be worn as a long chain in the last raw and the coin ring or Lakshmi mala is also a good choice. The Palakkal necklace can be redesigned with contemporary stones to add a modern touch and Nagapada thali can always be described as an important neckpiece. Other types of chains that you can choose include Manga mala, Manonmani, Kasu mala, Thalikoottam, Poothali mala and karimani mala as well.

5)  Choose appealing Kamarband (Cummerbund)

You can different types of kamarbands these days and there are cummerbunds available decorated with the goddess. Kerala brides always prefer these types of jewelry pieces and you can wear some top quality pieces that accentuate your waist in the best manner. Good pieces always add definition to your Kasavu sari

Generally speaking, Kerala bridal makeup is hugely famous for its glowing image but it has its own simplicity as well. The perfect bridal makeup heightens the best features of the bride and it also brings out the best in the bride. The most important thing is to choose the right makeup, jewelry, and sari that go well with your skin tone, body shape, taste, and attitude.

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