Horoscope Reading: Is it Fool Proof Science?

Indian Astrology in an ancient art, which is based on planetary movements and the positioning of the stars. In most Indian homes, the horoscopes or Kundalis of a person are made depending upon the position of various stars and planets, as per the time at which the individual is born. For most believers, it’s the ultimate bible to get things done. All the decisions of their lives from studying to getting a job are based on the basis of their horoscopes. Even marriage is no exception.  In most Indian, Especially Hindu homes, it is mandatory to get the horoscopes matched before going ahead with the marriage. Horoscope matching is of primal importance when we talk about marriage and all other things attached to the same. It is, in a way, a precautionary step taken towards a happy married life of a couple.


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However, despite the entire hullabaloo attached with horoscope matching, we still come across a lot of couples who are incompatible and lead an unhappy married life, despite matching horoscopes. They are bitter towards each other and desperately seek freedom from each other. So this leads us all to the thing, that is horoscopes reading, actually a science?  We have two schools of thoughts here, one of the believers and other, of all non-believers. Let us go through both viewpoints for a clear perspective:

Followers of horoscope reading:

The followers of horoscope reading staunchly believe that it is an actual form of science. As per them, the whole of Indian astrology is based not just on planetary movements, but other things as well. They say that horoscopes derive their roots from the genealogy of a particular family from its ancestors. Hence, by making sure that the two individuals getting married to each other are in no way related, can lead the couple towards overall happiness.  This includes their futures choices which may affect conception, childbirth, any child deformities etc. If the kundalis match, then there should be no such issue. Along with that, the ones who believe kundalis to be based on science, believe that the nature and character of two individuals depend on the planetary position at the time of their birth. Hence, based on that, they can go ahead a make a perfect match for their loved one. Horoscope matching, in a way, is a tool that provides them security and assurance towards the happy married life of a couple.

Non- believers viewpoint:

These days, there are many a people who say that kundalis are a mere fluke and lead to misunderstandings and superstition amongst people. The strongest point presented by them is that if horoscope matching and reading are an accrual science, then how come we have so many unhappy couples around? How can a mere positioning of stars decide the nature, circumstances, and compatibility between couples? As per them, rather than finding fault in our stars, we need to look within and rectify our own misgivings. They believe that it the love, understanding, and compassion that makes the base of a strong marriage.

To conclude, we can say that when it comes to reading horoscopes, the choice is quite subjective. So choose wisely, as your future depends upon it.

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