Importance of Guna Matching in Kundalis

We all have read science and heard of a very common phrase, ‘opposites attract’ but in the case of human beings, does this phrase stands, right? What can be the next step when your bliss is full of tremors? Well, life is not a fairy-tale and every situation is real and challenging. Many of us are against the idea of astrological predictions but, on the other hand, they help in predicting the future in Hindu marriages and make them more successful. Kundalis can help discover a lot about every human being like their nature, their talents, and other social skills. Indian society expects every marriage to go forever unlike the western culture.

Importance of guna

In a Hindu arrange marriage, compatibility can be best judged by kundali Milan. The bride and groom even affect each other’s horoscope after marriage which goes on for a lifetime. In the Northern and Eastern parts of India, the followed pattern of kundali is the same. However, Southern India may have a little different pattern of traditions. It is believed that a subcategory of kundali called as Guna is one of the most important things to be matched first. It is believed by the astrologers that maximum guna in every kundali are 36 and the highest the guna matches the best it is.

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It is said that if 50% of the guna are matched, the bride and groom are suited for each other. If the gunas are matching less than 50% then, the marriage might be declined. Gunas of a bride and groom are matched by considering the position of the moon in respective kundalis.

Kundali Milan has proven to be beneficial in many cases of Hindu marriages. There are a lot of factors that contribute to arrange marriages. There are many misconceptions about kundali Milan among people but, some scientific facts have proven them wrong. With diverse cultures and rituals, there is the difference in opinions as well.

Other contributing factors

The date of birth and time of a person determines the foremost step in matching a kundali. Whether it is about matching compatibility or coming out with a good mahurat for marriage, kundali plays an important role. All the predictions made by a kundali are based on probability by the astrologer. There are a few things that are considered while matching two kundalis like:

  • Varna
  • Dosha
  • Vashya
  • Tara
  • Gana
  • Naari
  • Bhakut
  • Yoni
  • Graha maître

All these factors contribute while fixing an arranged marriage. Indian families are very serious about their traditions as followed by their ancestors. They treat it as a tribute or providing respect to their late ancestors of they follow the old traditions. Some astrologers have described the scientific side of the kundali which makes us believe their importance and need to consider them.

It totally depends on us that how do we consider the kundali matching in arrange marriages. Families have to be open minded towards the changing world and consider kundalis as references.

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