Is Our Society Ready to Accept Marriages in Which Kundalis are not Matched?

For the people of the new generation or post-1980s in India, Kundali matching is largely a traditional chore, a mandatory custom to convince parents about the suitability of their union. Previous generations relied more on astrological texts and calculations and had a lack of confidence in their own self. But, the younger generation is more informed and has justification for what he or she is doing. Education plays a huge role in this mindset and the more you get to see the world outside and explore the realities, the more futile and irrelevant these practices will become. So, it takes us down to one question. Does marriage really rely on Gunas and Kundali?

While you know that marriage depends on a deep commitment and love of individuals to share their lives and not based on kundli, it’s how society perceives this thing. In order to perceive the societal perceptions on marriages done without Kundali matching, you need to see it through the prism of society. This has been handed down to us since ages and one would look at both sides of the coin to get a clear understanding of the matter and also the answer to the question.

  • Knowing the fundamentals: Kundali and Gunas are actually a part of the manifold mathematics that’s called astrology. According to the birth time and place of the concerned person, the effect of gravitational forces of stars and planets on those persons comes to a formation while matching their kundali with laagna.
  • The arguments ingrained: The aforementioned astrological mathematics is an outcome on probability. Its’ neither a hypothesis but astrology doesn’t give you any percent of probability pertaining to the time effects and gravitational aspects based on different kundali gunas. This is all a probability and you believe in it or may not. But, taking decisions blindly based on probabilities is not prudent.
  • The safety points: Well, for safety or for mental satisfaction, you can take precautions and consider these probabilities. But, you need to remember that you can always change your fate with good Karma.
  • The marriage annotation: A marriage can never depend on Kundalis and Gunas. That’d be a blind belief marriage depends on the love, trust, and loyalty of two persons. No Hindu scriptures ever mention that you should always marry after Kundali matching. Even if it’s mentioned, it’s not a neutral card or note. You need to treat or consider kundali probabilities as precautions and notices, but it’d be foolish and exaggeration to blindly believe in the mathematics.
  • Taking lessons from mythology: Sikandar made a new line in the hand and triumphed over the world. The mighty Ravan had caged all planets to alter his fate, but he was destroyed. His kundali never legitimized this act and he couldn’t alter the inevitable. Astrology is mere probability and doesn’t provide an accurate answer. Shri Ram and Sita maa had 36 gunas matching in their marriage, which did not result in success. They had to lead a life of exile and Shri Ram and Sita couldn’t live together in life.

Today’s society is changing in its view on marriages that don’t see two kundlis matching. There are places and ways to remove the doshas and everything is going on in that pattern.

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