Is There Any Science in Kundali Milan

Marriage is an important decision to make, both for the groom’s and bride’s’ family, therefore, they make sure that they consult a renowned astrologer to match the horoscopes and take the right decisions. Under the Hindu tradition, the Vedic system is given utmost importance under which horoscopes of one person is matched with their kundalis. The position of the moon and other planets decide the future of the couple together. There are a number of factors which form a part of this study like yoga, naadi, guna, gana, etc. every factor has its own relevance and level of importance. Guna being an important factor are 36 in number and if it matches to 50%, it is considered a suitable Kundali Milan for the couple.

Kundali Milan

There are many websites that provide free horoscope matching guidance. Here you can also find the various factors on which the website is matching your horoscope. Every website is different from the others in a competitive manner. There are websites which are designed as per the religion and different needs. You just have to fill in the details asked and in few moments, you will get the answer.

Not everyone has the same belief that horoscopes are very important for marriage. Such people go on with the wedding arrangements without even considering it. It is better to have an open minded theory about things around us and let people do what they want to. With diverse cultures in India, people have diverse thinking and beliefs.

Kundali- an important tool in ancient times

Arrange marriages in India are a great affair and without kundali Milan, people would not go further. Every person has a different Rashi and nakshatra and on the basis of this, their compatibility is judged. Whether it is about arranged marriage or love marriage, people tend to consider matching kundalis of the couple. Most of the people believe that there is some science in astrology and the way it can provide a solution to many problems. There is some naadi dosha in a kundali then, it is the kundali that provides a specific solution to it.

Ancestors and kundali

Kundali and horoscopes were always a great deal for our ancestors and they would follow it at any cost. For them, the foremost thing was to match the horoscopes and then, meet the family. They have their family astrologer booked for days to discuss on this issue and who would come out with a detailed report about the girl/ boy. Some astrologers can even tell about the family and nature of the members with the help of kundali. Some may come up with any health issues involved with the couple and if necessary, would give their advice to pass it.

It is also important to match the interests and talents of two people while considering their kundalis which will better predict their future. Families should have a good understanding between them and they should carry on the auspicious rituals while celebrating the new bond.

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