Kundali Milan – Scientific or Superstition

We all are a part of modern India and in this century, it is hard to live our lives based on zodiac signs and kundali matching. Most people believe it as a myth and that it has nothing to do with human beings or anything with Earth. People from different parts of the world have different beliefs and understanding towards this issue. Talking about the Eastern culture, it is quite mystical that some things like zodiac signs and horoscopes are beyond the control of human being and that they play an important part in our lives. They believe in a force present in the universe which makes things happen in our daily lives. This is the reason, why they prefer matching of kundalis in an event of marriage.

Kundali Milan
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Unlike western people, Eastern people take kundali Milan a serious business. While in the event of a wedding, no mistakes can be considered in reading or studying horoscopes and the entire life of two people depends on it. Some astrologers have come up with the theory that these horoscopes do affect our lives. The position of the stars and motion of the planets can affect the good and bad times in a person’s life. But, who can guarantee the happiness of a couple? It is only the situation and the understanding between two people that is responsible for a successful or unsuccessful married life.

Consideration for a marriage

Other than kundali and horoscope, one should consider the educational qualification, hobbies, interests, about their culture and family background. All these things are necessary to know about a person than to know what their horoscope says. As the child takes birth in a Hindu family, a short kundali is prepared by the astrologer mentioning the date and time of birth with other few things in it. It is believed that this kundali will give predictions about the future of the newborn baby. When the wedding day arrives, this horoscope is used for kundali Milan.

It would be wrong to think that matching horoscopes is very easy because it takes a lot of research and study to come out with the right prediction. Some people say that it is a superstition and some believe it as a scientific fact. As per science, horoscopes must be matched very cautiously and as a superstition, people think that astrologers tell stories to make money.

What to believe

Matching horoscopes is the foremost step of any wedding, after which the final decision is made. There are many factors which need to be determined with the help of the kundali. There are many cases in which marriages did not go the way they were forecasted through horoscopes. Unlike this, there are a couple who did not go through the hustle of matching horoscopes and are living a happy life. It is very important to determine that which kind of marriage would you choose when your time comes, however, it solely depends on our understanding and beliefs.
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