Menu for A Traditional Kerala Wedding

What is the menu for a Kerala traditional wedding? In most Kerala weddings, one of the popular attractions is the wedding feast called ‘sadya’. It is a pure vegetarian feast comprising of a wide range of dishes, approximately 16 to 17 items.

Excellent variety of dishes

The variety of dishes being served in a traditional Kerala matrimonial is extremely rich and varied as well. Some of the dishes include Kaya varuthathu (banana chips), Upperi (sweet banana chips), ghee, papad, Thoran (dishes made using vegetables), Olan (typical Kerala vegetable dish), avail (another vegetable dish made using a good number of vegetables), rasam (a dish with medicinal value), sambar (curry made with a lot of vegetables), butter milk, pachadi (dish with curd as main ingredient), pickle, koottukari (semi gravy dish made with banana and chana), payasam (kheer), rice and many more.


Menu for kerala wedding



How the Kerala dishes are served?

The sadya is served in a plantain leaf and there is a specific order in serving the dishes. The side dishes are served first and are followed by the main dishes. Some traditionalists even assert the importance of placing the right dishes at specific places. First of all, banana chips are served in the leaf and then, the side dishes are served one by one. After having served all the side dishes, main dishes like rice, paruppu (made using dhal), ghee, sambar, kaalan (a dish with curd as the main ingredient), moru (butter milk) and kheer are served one after another. The modern Kerala weddings also follow the same methodology and pattern of the ancient weddings when it comes to serving sadya.

An unforgettable and tempting experience for the guests

When you finish a good Sadya, you will definitely feel full. When the tummy becomes full, you may go into a mood for nice sleep. At some places, pan is served after the sadya and people sit together to have some friendly talk.  Several things combine well to offer a wonderful experience for the guests and they include uniqueness of the dishes, taste a combination, method in which the dishes are served and the overall ambiance. It can be said without an iota of doubt that a traditional Kerala wedding feast offers an unforgettable experience for the guests.

Most of the dishes contain coconut in some form or other. As mentioned above, they are served in a specific order and you cannot find a buffet style method in a typical Kerala wedding. The sadya can be described as a healthy lunch and it is served on a fresh banana leaf. Earlier, people used to sit on the floor to eat sadya and this custom has been changed recently. Today, people sit on chairs and the lead is placed on a table. In some places, the availability of banana leaves becomes an issue and in such a situation, the dishes are served on the artificial leaves. There are specialized experts who prepare Kerala wedding dishes and you can hire them well in advance to prepare sadya on the wedding day.

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