Perfect Kundali match! What else to look in for

Be it an arranged marriage or love marriage, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. That’s the main driving force behind the context of matching two kundalis. As in many other avenues of life, the concerned axiom is relevant for marriages as well. Kundali matching of two prospective partners in a marriage is considered to be a pivotal step before the marriage. The Kundali loosely translates into your horoscope and it contains much more than predictions about your future. It also talks about every person’s personality traits and natural ways, from which your mutual bond can be checked.




While Kundali matching shouldn’t be the deciding factor in a marriage and love and commitment is the main thing, there are some important and valid reasons why you need to match your kundalis.

  • Finding the match stated in the stars: Marriage is regarded as a sacred institution all across the world, and people expect it to last your entire life. In some folklore, it’s said that marriage should transcend beyond a lifetime and go till the next seven lives for the groom and his bride. Thus, the factor of compatibility becomes crucial while choosing your life-partner. The matching of kundalis of the bride and groom can throw light on the compatibility of both and their natures. Not just this, but by discerning the planetary positions in the nakshatra, you can also tell if there can problems in your relation in the long run.
  • Gauging your relation equation beforehand: The two plus two equation has always appeared to be savory. The big parameter taken into account while matching two kundalis is each one’s gunas. There are eight gunas altogether that are taken into account for testing your compatibility. Each Guna shares a numeric point, which is allotted to it and the total figure sums up to the number 36. Your marriage becomes acceptable and viable if two kundalis give a score of 18 points or even more.
  • The context of compatibility: You can find about your mental and probable physical compatibility as well. A kundali matching is pivotal because it throws much light on the character aspects and traits on both life-partners and prospective couples. It can enable you to judge each other in the future in the right manner. The level of your physical intimacy is also there in kundali and it states the levels you’re going to enjoy and the room you will give one another. Physical intimacy plays a very important role in any happy married life.
  • Foretelling the financial prospects of the couple: The financial future of your married life is one of the most crucial things that you’d want to know before you tie the knot because all and said, you indeed need a materially blissful life. By matching the kundalis, you can accurately tell the financial prospects of your life after marriage. You shouldn’t take this part lightly.

In case you’re deeply in love with one another and the kundali throws some mismatching points, there’s no need to fret. There are remedial solutions that you can mitigate. Gemstones and yantars are there as well.

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