Significance of Horoscope Matching in Context to Modern Marriages

Indian Astrology in an ancient art, which is based on planetary movements and the positioning of the stars. In most Indian homes, the horoscopes or Kundalis of a person are made depending upon the position of various stars and planets, as per the time at which the individual is born. These kundalis, in a way, design the lives of all people. For the believers, it is in a way, a guide towards leading their lives.  The role of a Kundali or horoscope comes to prime importance, especially at the time a person decides to get married. Many families, as per traditions, deem it necessary to match the horoscope of the boy and girl before fixing the marriage. Horoscope matching, in a way, is considered the stepping first one towards the beginning of a good marriage. However, many a time we witness that despite having a perfect horoscope score, the couple does not get along after marriage. They face compatibility issues which lead them to having a bitter married life. So the question that arises is that is that in the context of modern marriages, does horoscope matching still hold significance?




Well, the answer could go both ways. While most marriages these days are based on the love and understanding between the couple, we still cannot do away with the advantages that the horoscope may provide. Let us now take a look at the Advantages and disadvantages of horoscope matching and its significance in context to modern marriages:

The significance of matching horoscopes:

Though many people these days tend to skip the matching of horoscopes, it still hasn’t lost its significance. The details in which the stars match, many times, prove to be true in making significant predictions. Along with this, once the couple has their horoscopes matched, they tend to be more relaxed and secure towards each other. Also, it keeps the families of both individuals satisfied and assured that they will lead a happy life together.

However, even the disadvantages of getting horoscopes matched cannot be ruled out. Many times, you lose out on people who could prove to be more compatible with you, just because your horoscopes didn’t match. It is a shame to let someone kind and caring go just because some stars predict otherwise. Many a time, horoscope matching makes us judgmental and prejudiced towards someone, whom we otherwise really like.  Along with that, we even tend to become superstitious in case something goes wrong after marriage.


What we need to remember and keep in mind is the fact that it is ultimately the caring, understanding and love that make the basis of a strong marriage, rather than some positioning of stars scribbled on a piece of paper. In the present time, when relations to have become time-bound and our lives super hectic, the onus of making our marriages work lies on us rather than our horoscopes. It is high time that we stop finding the fault in our stars and move ahead towards loving future together.

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