Similar Thoughts v/s Kundali Matching. Which Matters More?

Indian marriages and the ingrained society rely heavily on matching that janam kundlis. For many sections of our society, it becomes a crucial test for a couple, who has to go through it for convincing their respective families about the bond and compatibility. Despite the fact that your litmus test begins after the marriage and how you gel with one another, most parents, often a huge majority of them are hell-bent on matching the kundalis. If they don’t match, there is every possibility of the marriages getting jeopardized.

In case it’s a love affair, and you and your loved one truly love each other and want to marry come what, Kundali matching is a mere traditional chore and you need to get through it. At the end, love triumphs above everything.

kundali matching



  • A piece of paper and some calculations can’t decide the destiny of two persons in love: In India, marriages abide the rules and regulations of Kundlis. They are regarded as sacrosanct and any glitch is taken seriously. While quite a few relationships have stumbled even after Kundali matching, there are countless marriages that have prospered and marveled without two matching kundalis. Clearly, you can’t trust a paper piece to decide two people’s fate and let love play the second fiddle.
  • Compatibility doesn’t thrive on kundalis: Compatibility is judged best when two people come together to share their views. You never know when and what two people have in common, unless and until they don’t share their interests.
  • Knowing each other for a long time is the key: For the most part, association sharpens the bond between two persons and if you know each other for a long time, you’ll know many things about each other and respect will be cultivated. Matching the kundlis remains a traditional practice than just for convincing your parents.
  • Shrouded in controversy: Though a matter of debate, but many say that kundlis were actually propounded to reject proposals sans hard feelings. The easiest and most graceful manner of rejecting a proposal was and still is saying that two kundlis do not match. That’s really a polite way to reject a not-so-viable or promising proposal.
  • What about mangliks? According to the Hindu Shastras and astrology, if you’re ruled by Mangal or Mars, then you’re considered to be largely affected by a Mars defect or Mangal dosha. These conditions make it tougher to get a match. It makes things too harsh for people not finding love, possibly to other reasons. But the blame comes on their mangal dosha.
  • The role of priests: On many occasions, panditjis play a big role here. They persuade elders to break marriages since the kundlis didn’t match. And you also have priests who find remedies for curing the doshas. Now, you’ve got to watch for those panditjis who make a living by making fake kundlis!

The resultant thing is that knowing a person, loving her or him and sharing thoughts is more important than matching kundlis. Similar thoughts, a commitment to remain by each other’s side, remain loyal and faithful and help each other are more important.

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