Marriage is a great decision between two people. In Tamil Nadu, families take this decision on behalf of the boy and girl with the help of matching their kundalis. Tamil people call it Jhatakam porutham and the astrologer decides the level of compatibility between the boy and girl. The consensus decides that the marriage should be taken forward or not. Every astrologer has a different and unique way to read the jhatakam and matching it. It is also termed as koota agreement.

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Porutham- in detail

The birth stars of the boy and girl are the mainstay of the entire study. In the ancient times, the poruthams were divided into 20 parts but, presently only 10 are been followed. As per these poruthams every person has a zodiac which is made up of 27 birth stars called as the nakshatras. The navgrahas of every person is influenced by the zodiac. The 10 kootas are as follows:

  • Rajju
  • Rasi
  • Ganam
  • Dinam
  • Yoni
  • Stree deergham
  • Vasya
  • Vedha
  • Rasiyathipaty
  • Mahendram

However, there are numerous methods of executing Jhatakam porutham by the astrologers. Most of the astrologers consider date of birth a major variant. This method is even followed in other parts of the country like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, etc. Under this method, the date of birth, time and place of birth of the boy and girl are taken along to match with each other. With the help of this information, the rashi chart is prepared.

Significance of date, time & place

It is very important to know the right time, date and place of birth else, it can result in wrong interpretation and conclusions. With the help of expert astrologers who are well versed in this study, people can predict quiet well about the future of the two. Porutham can reveal lot many things about one’s character, whether it is the boy or the girl.

Matching porutham is a part of tradition in Tamil Nadu and as Tamil people respect their traditions, it becomes a compulsion for them to follow it in every marriage. On the basis of the rashi chart of the boy and girl, their properties are being checked and evaluated. This is even followed in love marriages wherein the vasya porutham is of major importance. However every kind of marriage requires the guidance of porutham to avoid any bad future situations.

Some people follow it as a tradition and some as a compulsion. Families which are orthodox and whose elder family members believe a lot in porutham sometimes follow this tradtion. The younger generation find it a burden to follow these old traditions in every marriage even when all the things seem to be fine. In the last few years, many changes have taken place in India and we are looking forward for more change. People are turning towards the modern India concept and coming out of these binding traditions. It is important to focus on the personality of the couples and not on what the stars say.

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