Human being is the most complex creature on Earth. A creature who is complex to understand as several feelings takes place inside one body. Our world is divided into different countries which are divided into states and regions. Every state has its population following a unique tradition and number of rituals which are the proof of their existence.

People spend their whole life following their culture and traditions. They believe that following the footsteps of their ancestors is the only aim of their life. One such tradition is Jhatakam porutham which means matching the jhatakam of the girl and boy to unite them in one bond called marriage. This is done by a Tamil astrologer who is well versed with the stars and the customs of Tamil people. When it comes to marriage, a lot of things have to be decided and jhatakam is the foremost step.

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Belief of Tamilians

Most of the Tamilians believe that Jhatakam is an important part of their tradition and it should be followed at any cost. Well, some people see the other side of the coin believing that couples are made in heaven and people will find them on Earth without the help of any astrologer or jhatakam. However, the number of such people is growing in Tamil culture. Instead of considering the jhatakam of the boy and girl, they show interest in the education, talents, hobbies, income and family background of the boy and girl. This can be said as a fair trade.

Some people have this feeling that if they will not follow the old customs, they might not have a bright and happy future which generates fear in them and they are bound to follow them. Those who initiate to see beyond these fears are the ones who write history. There are several examples where Tamil people are not following the old tradition of Jhatakam porutham and are happy in their married lives. Although, their journey to convince their elder family members was quite quarrelsome but, they won their hearts with their love.

Change in tradition

Now is the time that we all must understand that rituals are just to guide us and not to bind us. People made these traditions for their convenience and so, they should be used for the same without giving a feeling of burden of any of us. Many states of India are backward in language, studies and even earning capacity but, everyone known the changing environment around them.

Tamil Nadu is one such state which has shown tremendous development in the last few years. Tamil people are not only learning new things but, are finding a way to link up to the modern India. The young generation is one strong link to do so. But, the old age people also have to give up their stubborn traditions and see the other side of life. Our customs and traditions will always be with us but, our life will end soon if we will not enjoy it.

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