Four Points that Patrika Matching Can Predict

Since time immemorial mankind has been fascinated by the idea of developing ways and means that can help them peep into the future and let them know what is in store for them in the times to come. Also the necessity of knowing how a person is and how he or she will behave in situations without actually meeting the person is also something that has captured the imagination of everyone.

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When it comes to marriages in India, most of us till heavily rely on the practice of Patrika Matching. While still not proved an actual science, many of us still believe that we need to match the horoscope of the perspective couple before giving the marriage a go ahead. While the non- believers refute the whole system and practice as total rubbish, many still believe that star alignments and horoscopes have the power to predict certain aspects of a couples life, once they get married. As per them, horoscopes tend to study the movement of the planets and stars and their effect on the particular individual and then predict what the future will be like for the individual. Also, it suggests remedies for countering any problems that may be existing or are about to be encountered by the person after getting married. As per them, the following things can be predicted when we match the horoscopes of two people before they get married:

  • Predicting Couple compatibility: It is believed that the physical, mental and sexual compatibility between two people can be predicted by matching their horoscopes. This is done under the Ashtkoot system, where special categories like yoni, nadi etc are fully dedicated to matching this quality.
  • Predicting Family peace and harmony: As per Vedic astrologers, the peace, happiness and harmony that a couple might experience after marriage can be predicted by horoscope reading. This is called graham maitiri, a category under which the harmonious relation with special reference to family can be calculated.
  • Predicting Financial stability: Many believe that horoscopes can predict the financial conditions that a couple is likely to face after marriage. Hence, many new age couples believe in matching them before taking the big step.
  • Future of off-springs: some believe that by matching horoscopes, one can actually predict the future of the children that the couple has as well. This can relate mainly to the health of these off springs. If the couple has flaws like nadi or yoni dosha, then it is advised that the couple don’t go ahead with the alliance, as it can lead to genetic or chromosomal disorders in the future children, the repercussions of which can be lifelong.

Believing or not believing in horoscopes is a totally subjective thing and should not be forced upon. However, just because one cannot understand the practice does not give him or her the right to nip the theory in the bud. Hence, make a wise decision before taking the huge step. After all, it is a decision that you have to live with throughout your life.

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