Things that patrika matching cannot predict

Indian marriages are all about love laughter and enjoyment. Hordes of people, some known some unknown getting together to celebrate this bond of lifelong association. But the events leading up to the actual day of the marriage can be filled with lot of tension, anxiety and in some cases a lot of negativity also. The biggest contributing factor in all this is the first step itself, Patrika matching. Modern research for time machines and time warping still goes on, but we Indians have the assistance of horoscope matching, an ancient practice of studying the planetary movements to assess what the future holds, to look up to.


Horoscope matching although ancient and widely practiced has never been elevated to the rank of a science and there are good reasons for it as well. Many a couple have seen their relation being held hostage and ultimately killed by this kundali matching which inevitably tends to bring sorrow and negativity for  both side in a time that is meant to be the happiest time for a couple.

Now, in this age and era of globalization and digitization, it is high time that we put this practice to rest and broaden our outlook when it comes to making marriage alliances. As such too, there are many times, when we witness couples, who, as per their kundalis were a perfect match, but are leading a miserable life together after getting married. This itself is proof enough that all things in regards to marriage and relationships cannot be predicted by our patrikas. Here is a list of things that are impossible for patrika matching to predict:

  • Understanding between the couple: No amount to starry alignments or mathematical calculations can predict the mental and physical understanding the couple will share on getting married. Even in case of love marriages, the couple need to spent ample time with each other, in order to understand each other’s way of living, thinking, physical as well as mental compatibility.
  • Needs of the couple: no horoscope can predict the needs of an individual. Only once when two people get married can they explain to each other their needs, desires and expectation that they have from their relationship. Horoscope matching gets tongue tied in this aspect.
  • Happiness between the couple: Being happy and cheerful is a state of mind, which cannot be predicted by any astrologer. A couple need to work together in this respect to make their marriage a happy heaven which belongs to just the two of them.
  • A couple’s future on getting married: while the whole idea behind matching the kundalis of two people is to predict their future together after marriage, no one except the couple can do that. A relationship can only develop if nurtured and cared for. If that is not the case, there is no doubt that the couple which is ideal as per horoscope matching leads a depressed and unfulfilled married life.

One needs to understand this fact that no amount of calculations and star alignments can predict what the future hold for you. It is up to you to take your destiny in your own hands and make your marriage work, rather than finding the fault in the stars.

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