Why do Indians still believe in Patrika matching

We life in the time of globalization and digitization. Gone are the laid back carefree days, when things use to take place in their own sweet pace. The present generation want all things to be done at super fast speeds, at the click of  button. Then why is so that when it comes to marriages and weddings, we Indians tend to follow the traditional old ways? Why we are still obsessed with age old rituals and practices like patrika matching or kundali Milan when we try to find a perfect life partner for ourselves? Well, the answer to such questions has a one word answer, which is belief. Believing or not believing in horoscope matching is totally a personal and subjective choice. While increasing number of people have now stated opting out of horoscope matching, most of the Indian population still believes in it and considers it sacred. For the believers, it is the first and foremost step that should be taken before marriage. If the horoscopes match, then only do they give a go ahead to the wedding. So what is it about patrika matching that makes people of today’s age as well follow it? Let us try finding the answers to this question:

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  • It is tradition: Following traditions and culture is what makes Indians unique and stand apart from the rest of the world. The practice of matching horoscopes has existed in our culture since time infinite and is therefore, an integral part of our traditions. Hence, following it becomes an unavoidable part of wedding celebrations.
  • Provides sense of security: An Indian wedding is not only about the bride and groom, but their families as well. Hence, when the families of the perspective couple get their horoscopes matched, it provides them with a sense of security that their children will remain happy with each other after marriage. Hence, most families opt for horoscope matching before marriage.
  • Predicts compatibility: the believers of horoscope matching say that if the horoscopes are studied thoroughly, they can predict the physical and mental compatibility between the boy and girl. Hence, they make it a point to match kundalis before marriage.
  • It is science: Many new age couples still believe that that astrology and horoscope matching are based on science. They believe that the predictions made are based of mathematical calculations and genealogy, which hence assure their happily ever after together.
  • Financial stability: Many believe that horoscopes can predict the financial conditions that a couple is likely to face after marriage.
  • Keeps family happy: There are many families which give a lot of importance to patrika matching. Hence, there are many such instances, where the would- be bride and groom only get their horoscopes matched just in order to keep their families happy
  • Predicts the harmony quotient: It is believed that patrika matching, when done properly, has the power to predict and determine the harmony between a couple after marriage. This harmony can be measured in terms of physical, mental, financial and sexual compatibly that a coupe might share.

One needs to remember that no matter what our stars say, it is us as individuals who have to work on a relationship in order for it to work. Hence, it is time we stop finding the faults in our stars and take our destiny in our own hands.

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