Impact of Kundali on Married Life

Marriage is an institution which has stood the test of times and has grown to be the basis of companionship and love. Marriage in India is considered more sacred than in other countries and the families of the bride and groom go the full length to ensure that there are no glitches in the married life of the couple. The numerous customs and traditions of the Hindu religion and the regional practices give a means for the marriage to be conducted within spiritual context. Even prior to marriage, Kundali matching is carried out to ensure that the couple is compatible and that no problems will plague them later down the line.

kundali matching

Kundali matching is an age old tradition of matching the astronomical data of a boy and girl to arrive at certain potential problem areas in their lives as they plan to live and grow as a family together. It has been deviced by the sages, is based on astronomical aspects and is time tested. The problems can be remedied and removed over a period of time.

Kundali matching has an enormous impact on married life. A few aspects are discussed in the paras ahead.

  1. Refuse Marriage.   Non matching of kundalis can, first of all, lead to a broken relation prior to marriage. Those who believe deeply in the matching process may outright reject the partner if the gunas don’t match up as expected. This aspect is slowly fading away, especially for marriages which are based on the aspect of love. Love marriages don’t look for gunas to match!!
  2. Smoothen Out Prospective Problem Areas.   By laying down and informing the couple of prospective areas of trouble or non – compatibility the bride and the groom can look for means to correct the same. Remedies can be proposed and necessary steps taken to ensure that there are no issues between the couple.
  3. Matching of Gunas. This aspect, central to the concept of kundali matching tells the couple whether they are compatible or not. It helps also to remove the negative effects and to see that there are no major inadvertent negativities in the match.
  4. Solutions for Mis – matched Kundalis.  As all planets and kundalis play an important role in the success of the wedding, in case of a mis- match upayas and remedies can be given which will help the doshas affect to be reduced. All one needs to do is to go to an experienced astrologer.

The positive affect of kundalis on the married life are immense and it definitely is a means to ensure of a blissful married life. So there is not harm to go in for it.

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