Marriages in India and in the Hindu way of life are a delicate affair with great focus on customs and traditions. There are a number of aspects which the families like to take into account prior to getting the children tied in matrimonial alliance. The Vedic way of life lays down the steps towards joining two people in an alliance in a very detailed and time – tested manner. From how to narrow down on a partner to what date to tie the knot on, everything has been based on science and ancient knowledge. Families go to great lengths to follow these traditions and customs to ensure a blissful married life for the couple. Of these, matching of kundalis and counting of the gunas is one of the more important aspects, as it sets the stage for the complete alliance. Stout Hindu families may not even go ahead with the alliance in case the correct number of gunas doesn’t match up.

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Kundali Matching – It is an ancient technique of checking the compatibility of a boy and girl based on astronomy and the planetary influences as per the time and place of birth of the two individuals. This, helps in understanding the influence that each of them will have on the other individual as they lead a married life, which as per the Hindu scriptures makes them one entity. Kundali matching determines whether the couple would be compatible, mentally, physically and intellectually and their general well – being. Any issues can be rectified through a series of actions taken based on knowledge of the rishis or astrologers.

How Kundali Matching helps:-

  1. Determines Compatibility- Kundali matching helps to determine the compatibility of the two individuals and helps them understand what issues they may face down the road of life and marriage.
  2. Helps Determine Differences.  Kundali matching helps the couple understand as to what pitfalls they may encounter as they live a married life and how they could possibly overcome the same.
  3. Helps Make an Informed Decision.  Kundali matching helps the couple understand the general character of their relationship and to make an informed decision on whether they would want to continue the relation or not.

Kundali matching is one of the means of understanding the issues in relation to entering an alliance for life, and from where more life will be brought onto the earth. It is known to have been mostly successful in helping people understand their relation curve, chart their future and to take informed decisions. However, in today’s fast paced, love marriage way of life; Kundali matching is becoming less and less prevalent. More people are ready to take the risk and take their married life as it comes. So “is Kundali Matching the only way”. Definitely not!! Today people are seeking and embracing Intellectual mapping as a different form of understanding relations. Whether kundali matching can ever be replaced – well that’s a mystical question!!

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