Kundali Matching – an Outdated Concept

Vedas are considered to be the first ancient texts of Mankind. According to Lokmanya Tilak, as he says in his book Orion- that Vedas are 5000 year old scriptures. Astrology is also known to be as old as the Vedas. Out of the four Vedas, Yajur Veda was the first and the description of almost all the constellations is available in it. Primarily astrology is considered the science of rashi, nakshatras and grahas (constellation, signs and cosmos). This same astrological science is used to study the life of people from birth and towards planning of a marriage commune. Kundali Matching thus derives its base from the ancient Indian heritage and is as old as the sages.

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Life has however evolved. People have moved out from the old way of life to a very modern, fast paced and connected lifestyle. Modern technology has changed things a lot and even life in general is looked upon very differently. Marriage as an institution has also evolved and though still based in traditions and culture for most, has eased out in terms of caste, religion and creed. People are today ready to experiment and fall in love rather than be arranged into it. As society develops, Kundali Matching is slowly losing its relevance in relationship mapping of two individuals.

  1. It comes up late in the relationship curve With people wanting to first know their proposed better halves and to spend time with them, Kundali Matching actually happens quite way down the line. Most couples today have already decided on their partners or their preferences before they bring up the topic of marriage.
  2. Youngsters prefer their senses to the Vedas Most GenX youngsters would prefer to listen to what their mind and senses say to them than what some matching of senses brings about. They would like to know what they like and how, rather than be told the same.
  3. It isn’t for the Modern World Kundali Matching doesn’t hold up in the modern world – the way of life and the environment in which we live today has changed and evolved. Thus the reasons for Kundali Matching and what it achieved – change too. Not to say that it is totally irrelevant, but it just doesn’t cut ice as it did earlier.
  4. More Uncommon Marriages Today there are more marriages happening out of the normal caste and religious system. People are falling in love and not bothering as to where they came from or what God they follow. They just fall in love and want to make it work.
  5. It’s not foolproof Though marriages based Kundali Matching do have a good success rate, however, they do not promise a marital life free from worries or even from divorce.

In the end – follow your heart – whether directly or through Kundali Matching!!

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