Horoscope matching when your Fiance doesn’t have a Janm Patri

Most people believe in Astrological compatibility (synastry) which is the branch of astrology that studies relationships by comparing natal horoscopes. A natal horoscope is a chart or map of the angles of the planets and their positions at the exact time of a person’s birth. These represent the positive and negative relationships between the planets and these relationships describe the relationship between the two people under consideration. Other than Vedic astrology it is also related to Chinese and western astrology. Indians however, largely follow the astrological signs towards leading a happy married life. The system of partner matching emanates from the concept of getting two individuals together based on the patterns in behaviours due to the planetary locations at the time of birth. It’s a science!!

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Janm Patri- A Science During Indian marriages people generally resort to matching of kundalis prior to tying the knot. This ensures that the couple don’t have any differences based on their planetary patterns at birth. Moreover, issues if any are generally dealt with through remedial measures. One needs to have a janm partri to be able to do accurate horoscope matching. The janm patri is the natal chart which depicts the position of the planets and the interplay at the time of birth. It is unique to each individual based on that particular time of birth. It is the blueprint of your life – a roadmap to how your life will shape up, right from your childhood into your career, marriage, family life and above all your personal well-being. A janm patri essentially hides the secret to solutions of all the issues in one’s life. In India most people get a unique janm patri prepared for their new born at the time of the birth. This generally ensures that the timings and other factors are all correctly noted.

Not having a Janm Patri- Janm patri is the quintessential requirement for horoscope matching and if one of the partners does not have it then it cannot be used. Janm Patris can however, easily be prepared by pandits as well as a number of websites today offer online janm patri preparation. One just needs to present all the data required. It is very important that the planetary positions are depicted very correctly in the janm patri. Any irregularities here can have a wrong impact on your life’s decisions. To avoid such a fatal risk, it is of utmost priority to consult an astrologer for your kundali.

The basic information required to get your kundali made include date of birth down to the exact second, place of birth as well as gender. In addition, to make it more accurate one can give details of location indicating the longitude and latitude and the chart style for preparation.

So, as one sees it isn’t too difficult to get a kundali made and in case one doesn’t have all the details it would be best to check with the pundit on how to go about the situation.

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