Oriya Weddings: Things That Make it Special

Every marriage ceremony in India is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm. The preparations are so grand that they have a festive aura and flavor in them. Oriya matrimony has its own specialties and while it gets pretty bland and repetitive to talk about the rituals and attires to decode the freshness or special features of any culture, one would say that it will be a good idea if we spent some time exploring the cuisine as well. Reason being, a crucial aspect of any marriage ceremony has to be its cuisine and Oriya weddings are no exception to this.

The people spare no efforts and edge to make it a lavish and lip-smacking affair. Considering the rich and diverse heritage of the country, each community and region entails different flavors and delicacies, which is reflected in the food served in the weddings.

Weddings by JK Creatives
  • Getting into basics: Orissa has its own niche when it’s about food and weddings are great example wherein you can savor different dishes, reveling in a typical wedding meal of the state. Most people are quick to assume that Indian meals are spicy and dipped in oil. The best this is that food served at Oriya matrimony is not that insanely oily. It’s very tasty without those concentrated spices. Well, before you come to the conclusion that mild varieties aren’t enough to interest, please rethink because a flavorful platter is ready to captivate your taste buds.
  • The dominant food: The state’s cuisine draws heavy influences from the Bengal and Puri regions of the country. Being a coastal state, fish and seafood definitely dominates the menu. For those who are avid lovers of pure seafood, an Oriya wedding is your best place. It doesn’t end here as there are lots of dals, sweet savories and a host of auxiliary Indian dishes.
  • Noting the ingredients: When it comes to typical and seasoning ingredients, papaya, jackfruit and plantains are an imperative. The curries are all richly flavored with quality, dried mango powder. It also includes spices like cumin, fenugreek, mustard and kalonji. It also contains coconut. As you move more to the local areas, the style and food preparations may slightly differ from one wedding to another. While some parties swear by those precious curry leaves, you have others who prepare the meals with mustard.
  • The seafood trip: The delightful and delicious culinary exploits in Oriya wedding begins with different seafood varieties. The main dishes that you cannot miss at any cost are Maccha besara. It’s the reigning kind is Oriya wedding cuisine. That’s the fish cooked in rich mustard curry. They also serve the Maccha Mahura or the vegetable curry carrying fish along with locally sourced veggies. Many weddings also put other sea delights like Chinnchada, chungdi Malai tarkari and so forth. You can gorge on the variety of seafood delicacies with different rice specialties.

They also serve Dalma with other curries, including aloo potato rosso, chaatu rai, kadai manja rai and santula. You also have several types of chutneys as a great side dish. Then you have the desserts.

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