Saree Options For a Oriya Bride

In both eastern and western practices and domains, the bride is adorned typically in exquisite apparel and fine jewelry for her wedding ceremony. It goes beyond saying that the Oriya bride is definitely one of the lavishly adorned and dressed. Oriyas are an ethnic group hailing from the state of Orissa, which falls along the eastern coast of India. The people worship Sun, revere Lord Vishnu and other Hindu deities. In Oriya matrimony, the bride is certainly the center of everybody’s attention and there is a reason behind this.

On her marriage day, she is believed and regarded as the embodiment of the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and wealth. The sheer luxury of her ensemble reflects the wealth and position of her family.

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  • Going by traditions: She wears accessories and jewelry based on her parents’ means. Those who aren’t that well-off, wear silver jewelry. The middle class brides can afford to wear gold jewelry and you have some of the finest pieces in marriages. Meanwhile, the affluent ones are proudly draped in sparkling diamonds and gold.
  • The saris: While preparing for the main wedding rituals, decorating the beaming with Odishan saris is the handiwork of most of the female members. The sari’s colors need to be flattening enough for the bride’s complexion or skin tone. Needless to say, Oriya matrimony tradition states that on her wedding when she will be bound to her man for life, she should yellow saris with red borders. These exquisite masterpieces are made with stupendous embroidery, which is usually weaved in gold thread. They highlight the precious jewelry further. Some of the best saris are decked in these shades and obtained from Matha silk. The fabric stands for suppleness, softness and elegance. These are brightly colored creations, also known and Mayurbhanj or Tussar silk.
  • Other sari choices: The Oriya bride has the bandwidth to choose from a variety of other types of traditional saris pertaining to her bridal trousseau. It includes heirloom masterpiece of Sambalpur, which is designed with great Passapalli motif and vintage Brahmapuri Pata styles. In addition to this, the bride may also opt for the radiant Sonepuri or vibrant Bomkai saris. Apart from using the traditional fabrics like chiffon, silk and cotton, many brides are also opting for georgette saris. They are fast gaining popularity in Oriya weddings. There are various ways to drape this form of sari. Georgette is also a fabric that you can wear and carry easily.
  • For modern brides: Modern day brides in Orissa are trying to separate themselves from the conventional mold. For example, instead of opting for the traditional yellow drapes with red borders, many women now prefer pink and orange saris, especially if these shades help in accentuating specific features of the concerned bridal outfit. Two of the most viable and voguish options for the modern-day Oriya woman are ikkat and Nuapatni saris.

You can wear the saris in many different ways. The options are aplenty for fabrics like chiffon, silk and cotton. There is a huge effort to resemble Goddess Lakshmi in the bridal attire.

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